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    Austria Europe
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    I like Leather and to work with it
    Countrymusic from Modern to Bluegrass
    be learning to play Banjo
    and much more......:o)

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    Handybags, Knifesheathes, Belts....
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    much as possible
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    over a friend
  1. wow !!!! great stuff you do... greatings from Austria lederwerner
  2. Oh thank you ! I'm happy you like it
  3. lederwerner


    Hallo Fritz ! wieder mal Perfekte Arbeit ) Perfect work from good old germany, one of the best Knifesheatmakers I now Werner
  4. lederwerner


    Wie immer eine Perfekte Arbeit!!! LG Werner
  5. knifesheat for my girlfriend new knife
  6. a perfect work of my Leatherfriend Arno, congratulation for it..... Greatings frfom Lederwerner
  7. dear Paul sorry for my late answer, well ...I make the sheat from veg tanned Leather. The yellow Leather is from the Fish ..we call it Stör...you now, this one the caviar comes from. The knife is made from Gerhard Wohlgenannt, an Austrian Knifemaker Thank you for askin me Greatings from Austria Werner
  8. lederwerner


    Knife from Gerhard Wohlgenannt Damast, Mammut, Mammutbackenzahn Leatherwork by lederwerner
  9. lederwerner


    Handmade Knife from Gerhard Wohlgenannt, leatherwork by lederwerner
  10. Thanks for your Cutter-Splitter, very simple to use. You made good idea und good work. Greatings from Austria

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