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  1. I have a flip phone. I use a camera with a card...??? (I'm old)
  2. I bought this Singer Class 7-5 machine a few years back thinking I would put a motor on it and use it. Bought an Adler K205-374 and lost interest...It is missing the pressor foot lift lever. Looks like the previous owner had a lift system that pulled from overhead or something...??? I threaded it and turned it over by hand. It picks up the bobbin thread and sews 2 thickness' of 7-8 oz latigo. I would like to get $200 for it as is with table. Or trade for some thing I can use in my shop. Lets Talk. I'm in SD. Thanks I cannot figure out how to resize a picture. Mine are too big I guess... Maybe some one can walk me through that...???
  3. Your original anvil is crimped in. Your machinist should be able to make you one that will screw in to the New anvil. I was just getting by with what I had laying around the shop. And I have a lot of STUFF laying around my shop.
  4. Sorry it took me so long to get these pictures on here. Hope they are clear enough so you can see. I forgot to mention that to help hold the u shaped piece below the groove, I ground a 5/16" nut thin enough to fit inside it and screwed it in. The threaded block is a part I got from Weaver I'm guessing about 3-4 years ago. Seems they don't carry them any more...???
  5. I have changed over several of the old Rex riveters to the Weaver splash anvil. Weaver use to sell 2 types of splash anvil. One had the threaded top and the other had a grooved top like yours. They also sold a piece that took the place of your U shaped part. It was a solid steel part with a threaded hole to screw the splash anvil in. It worked good. Earlier this Winter I was rebuilding a Rex for a friend and I asked them at Weaver about this part. The person I talked had never heard of such a part... I miss Vernon. What I finally did is carefully put a small screwdriver in the slot of the old U shaped part and opened it up so it would come off the old anvil. Then on the new anvil, right below the threads, there is kind of a groove there I was able to squeeze the U shaped part in there with a pliers. It seems to work. I also noticed the machine work on the splash anvils I got were not real consistent. Some split the rivets better than others. Maybe later I can post some pictures of the parts I am talking about. Good Luck------Bill
  6. Hey Mike, how are you. How's the Landis #1 working out for you? The snow is leaving a little each day. Our creek is up but not too crazy yet. Tomorrow it is supposed to get pretty warm. We'll see what happens then.
  7. Finished this harness today for my team. Did something for myself once. Worked on it off and on all Winter. Not a fancy one just one to use. Thought I would post a picture.
  8. Yes, They look like my old one. I will personal message you Thank You!
  9. I am looking for a good Stitch groover. The set screw in the end of my old one finally stripped out after 20 years use. I ordered a new one from Weaver and was I ever disappointed. The blade seems to big and clunky and I can't seem to get it sharp. Anyone have a suggestion or one for sale ?? Thanks
  10. What type/size/thickness leather are you looking for? I can pack a lot of scraps in a post office flat rate box. I have big boxes full I would love to sell!
  11. I put JB weld in it yesterday. Sewed with it today. Stitches lay a lot smoother. Not as smooth as the Landis #3 I used to have ... Thought I was updating Ha!
  12. I saw the feed dog in the catalog. But I like to do things on the cheap! Thanks
  13. Thanks Glenn, I can't believe I missed that. It is in their supply catalog. Weaver is my main supplier. I bought this machine used and have a little to learn about it yet. I had some JB Weld in that groove for a while but it fell out. I'll try again. Thanks
  14. I am not sure if there is a smooth feed dog available. I was hoping someone on this forum would tell me...??? I think I have the tension right... I cut a sample piece in half and the threads are crossed over about exactly in the middle. I was hoping someone would tell me what that groove in the feed dog is for... I'm building a harness and the backside of the breeching, next to the horse, has the thread sitting on top of that bead caused by the groove in the feed dog. I AM going to tighten the bottom tension a little and see if that helps. Thanks
  15. I have a question about my Adler K205-374. Can someone tell me why there is a groove in the bottom feed dog ahead and behind the needle? It leaves the bottom thread sticking up above the surface of the leather. I think it should be at least level or pulled into the leather a bit...??? Is there anyway to remedy that? Thanks
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