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  1. Thanks Tom! I’ve used both of those for other art projects, I didn’t think about using those on leather. I’ll try these out.
  2. So I guess the answer is there is no good resist to the Fiebings Pro dyes.
  3. Tandy Eco-Flo dyes are acrylic based leather dyes, which I had used for several years. But the quality and availability has declined so I moved the the Fiebings, which are much better dyes overall. The pic is an example of the Eco-Flo dye over the resist painted over the tooled Lion Rampant.
  4. hylander


    A number of sporran that I have made.
  5. Thanks! I had successfully used the resist with acrylic dyes, but I got tired of the inconsistency of acrylic dyes and the inconsistency of the availability of them as well.
  6. I’ve switched to Fiebings oil based pro dye and I am having trouble with Fiebings Pro resist. I’m using it on undyed vegitan and the resist is not resisting the dye, it’s absorbing it? What am I doing wrong?
  7. Tandy vegitan seems to have some kind of finish on it. Is there a way to remove that, should I remove that, before using Fiebings Pro Dye?
  8. If they don’t like my logo they can buy from somebody else. Are they wanting to take credit for your work? Are going to use your pattern to make & sell to others, and claim it was their idea? Just not cool in my book.
  9. I looking for more refined needle pointed burnishing bit to fit the Craftool Pro burnishing machine. Any ideas or custom Shops who might make these? Any help appreciated! Kerry
  10. I got a hold of a belt blank that seems to have been pre - coated on the back or flesh side with a resist. When I went to stain it the stain took on the front and edges, but not the back? Has anyone come across such a beast before? Thanks in advance! Kerry
  11. I just bought a Juki 1541 and had a few questions: 1. Can I sew dyed Veggie tanned leather with it? 2. Can I sew glued leather with it? (I'm thinking not) Thanks!
  12. Great tutorial! I'm planning on trying this molding technique for a sporran. I was thinking, instead of glueing your mold to the backing board could you screw it to the backing board from the backside of the backing board, that way you could move it to another spot on the board or to a new backing board altogther? Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for the info! I'll be giving him a call next payday. Cheers, Kerry
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