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  1. wrightcamp

    Identify This Border Stamp?

    Bob Beard at Pro- Series Tool Co. made a similar stamp called a Ram's Curl
  2. wrightcamp

    Looking For A Particular Stamp

    Hi camano ridge The phone # for McMillen Tool Co. in the 2014 Buyers Guide from Proleptic, Inc. is 573 374 7880 I have some stamps I bought from them over 45 years ago that I am sure pleased with.
  3. wrightcamp

    Looking For A Particular Stamp

    The picture for the larger stamps came out better.d v mcmillen 1.pdf
  4. wrightcamp

    Looking For A Particular Stamp

    looks like it could be #844 made by McMillen
  5. Yes, Thank you for sharing the pictures, the Show has really expanded since we were at one of the first ones.