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  1. Soybomb

    How Would You Fix This Purse?

    Thanks for the help, as requested here's a couple more pictures What cut/weight leather would be appropriate to make acceptable purse straps from? i'll try to hit up tandy next week. Thread/needle suggestions would be great too. Thanks again!
  2. My girlfriend is pretty rough on purses. She's found one she likes but its already started to fall apart at the same place they all usually do. The straps and strap attachment points never last. I'd love some suggestions on how we might be able to fix it because I can't think of anything that would look good so far. Here's the damage I've really only done holster work and I stitch by hand so feel free to guide me on what I might need to pickup from tandy, I won't be offended :D Right now I have 5/6 shoulder, 7/8 shoulder, 5/6 belly, 000 harness needles and big ol' waxed thread that is probably too ugly for a purse, and an assortment of chicago screws. Thanks!
  3. Soybomb

    pink leather

    Hi all, could anyone point me toward a source for some pink chrome tanned leather? I was going to try to dye my own veggie leather but it seems like I might get a better color with less work if I just use an inner layer of vegetable tanned and a thin outer layer of pink for color. So far all I've been able to find is pink suede though. Thanks!
  4. Thats really encouraging to hear, you haven't noticed the natural color of the leather changing the final color of the lighter color dyes too much then?
  5. Hi guys, glad to see the board is back. I've only done black dye so far but as a special request project I'd like to turn a piece of vegetable tanned shoulder pink. I really favor Angelus dyes right now. If I buy something like "light rose" shown here and put it on, is there a chance it will actually look anything like a nice pink color? Is there a way to bleach it first to take the natural color out? I'm definately open to advice before I just ordering things and hoping for the best :D
  6. Thanks all, I'm using 7/8 oz.
  7. Hey guys I'd appreciate any criticism or advice you have on how to improve on my latest holster. One of the things I'm having a lot of trouble with is the boneing. You can see how little detail I was actually able to capture. I'm casing the leather in the hottest water I can get from my tap with a few drops of dish soap for about 20 seconds and then letting it dry a little before I go at it. I think part of of it is maybe my tools. I don't feel like I can apply much pressure with any of them before they start to mar the surface of the leather. Any tips on using an edge creaser around the corners and where it intersects with a stitch line? My edge creases seem to walk and don't want to follow curves and usually wind up pretty ugly looking. Finally for those of you who use angelus sealer, are you using matte? I bought the satin thinking it would be quite subtle but I feel like what I get is practically high gloss. I've also noticed that it seems to have a tendency to peel or wear off pretty easily. Does this mean I need to buff the piece after dying it more, am I using too much sealer? is it just how sealer is? And yes my kydex needs a bit of work :D
  8. Soybomb

    rivets for leatherwork

    Hmmm I've been using t-nuts on the back of snaps, I never considered it for the clips, that sounds like a great idea! Sadly it looks like mcmaster carr doesn't sell flat t-nuts any smaller than 8-32 and I'll have to go elsewhere for those but I think its worth it. Thanks again!
  9. Soybomb

    rivets for leatherwork

    Heh thanks for the heads up. I've been putting off my ordering of clips because I've heard so many bad things about the build strength and quality of most of them, plastic is definately out!
  10. Hey guys, I've never used rivets for leatherwork before and wanted some advice on what rivet to use. I'm going to pickup a few of these belt clips and try making some holster with them. I figured I'd just order a bag of rivets cheap from mcmaster carr when I'm ordering some car parts from there.... I have no idea what kind are best suited for this though. It'll be through about 1/4" of leather, and the hole is 3/16". What kind of rivet is the "right way" to do it? Split? Tubular? Jiffy? Thanks all!
  11. Soybomb

    single creaser

    :biggrin: I'm guilty of picking this up because it was cheap. How do you use it and is it useful or does it suck? I'm curious if anyone likes it. The creaser portion I'm undecided on. It tracks a little better than an adjustable creaser but it doesn't make a nice looking creaser. It doesn't seem to be a great slicker, and I've not found a use for a folder in holster making yet. I'm thinking the wide end might be a decent boning tool around ejection ports. As I play around more I notice some of the basic tools I started with just don't cut it like the adjustable creaser. I wonder if maybe I just haven't found where this one shines yet.
  12. Soybomb

    Stitching Groovers weaken seam?

    I believe I've heard one make that claim but I can't put a name to it right off hand. Anyway I've heard very few complaints from anyone about failures of modern concealment holsters. The only ones I can recall though are thread problems and not tears so I think if there is a tradeoff its probably for the best to protect the threads on holsters but I'm not sure its anything to worry about either way. Out of curiosity do the big boys with sewing machines make grooves? My machine stitched holsters don't make it feel like they do.
  13. Soybomb

    Edge Creaser Advice

    Oh thank you very much, even if they don't sell to the public at least they give dimensions of the tools there! Looks like I need the #5 edger is probably want I want for 1/8" in lines!
  14. Soybomb

    Edge Creaser Advice

    I found siegel actually has them in multiple sizes with designations other than small and large Anyone have any idea what number is appropriate to make a line 1/8" in on 7/8 leather? Is the size the thickness of the line, or the distance from the edge, or both? Osborne needs a website :D
  15. Soybomb

    Making Cases Fit

    I'm still new to all this but so far the worst part by far is making a design and pattern. I've been mostly playing with gun holsters and am starting to get a little better with them. If I'm sewing 2 pieces of leather together I can place my stitch line at 3/8th of an inch from the edge of the gun and get a pretty good fit. I tried to make a small holster for a cell phone today (I've broken more of those plastic ones....) and calling it a failure would be far too kind. The phone is .7" thick, I put my stitch line 3/8" out again thinking I could wet it and stretch it a little if it was too snug. It was far far too snug. After getting it wet and using every odd tool within reach to try to stretch it out more, I decided that was the most I could get out of it and let it dry. I almost had to start cutting to get the phone out when I tried it later. :biggrin: Does anyone have any advice on what guidelines to use to determine where to place a stitch line based on how thick the object is and how tight you want it to be? While the 3/8" works ok for a 1.2" thick gun that I want a tight fit on, it was way way off for the phone. Would 1/2" spaced lines be enough even? On a side note I've got 7/8 shoulder, and 5/6 belly. What would you make a snap on cell phone holder out of? I'm thinking shoulder for the back for a little sturdyness and the belly on the front for a little extra flex? Thanks all, you've been a tremendous help in finding out what I'm doing. I don't think I'm far from making something usable :D