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  1. Kevdbry

    Tandy Messenger Bag Kit instructions

    I'll send pics
  2. Kevdbry

    Tandy Messenger Bag Kit instructions

    Beautiful work!! In the horizontal bag, there are 5 internal panels. 3 are center stitched together and all 5 are to be stitched into the gusset. I'm just not sure which pieces are stitched to the front or back of the gusset.
  3. Kevdbry

    Tandy Messenger Bag Kit instructions

    Does the vertical bag have the same internal configuration??
  4. Good morning fellow leather folk, I've got a slight issue. About 2 yrs ago I purchased a kit from Tandy, the horizontal messenger bag. Since then I've moved and I recently found it and want to put it together for personal use. But, the kit is missing the instructions. I don't want to wing it and get it wrong. I've called Tandy but that was a dead end. Anyone have any idea where I can find the instructions?? Google hasn't help either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Hello at Leahter Worker, Please remove my profile and all other information from your system. I have enjoyed the time and information that I received while here, but do to uncontrollable circumstances, I must step away from the leather world temporarily. Do understrand that I have enjoyed my time and the vast knowledge contained on this site. Whn my situation makes a change, I WILL be back. Again, thank you Name: Kevin Bryant UserName: Kevdbry IP Address: Email Address:
  6. Kevdbry

    New Orleans Tandy Store

    Art, Again, free market society. I wasn't aware that I "had" to use a particular store location. Plus, I live closer to the Chattanooga, TN location than the Tucker store. PLUS, because you brought it up, I'm working in Baton Rouge and have been doing so for many years now. As far as someone being shy about calling the Ft Worth office, I understand that some people do not have the back bone to call about an issue and can hide behind forums. If there are wheels of the track, just tell THEM, not everyone else who don't want to hear about the crying. As you can tell, I don't sugar coat things. Read the reply I sent to Mijo and that should explain things, no sence in typing it twice.
  7. Kevdbry

    New Orleans Tandy Store

    Mijo, You are absolutely correct......he does have the right to express himself and his experiences........and so do I. Tandy has a way of correcting issues and its not through this forum. Its through their management staff or coporate office. From his post, all I heard was a lot of wining. Sure, even I have had bad experiences, but instead of crying about it on a forum, I went straight to the problem and fixed it there. Why involve all these other people in your personnal issues? This forum is (or was) designed for individuals who love working with leather in all facets of the industry. To share ideas, questions and successes with leather. Not a crying post because of a bad experience. If you feel that my statements were inflammartory and condescending, then you will understand, that's how I deal with winers, I stop the wining and nip the problem in the more problem or wining. I'm a straight shooter, I don't hide behind forums to make myself heard. If I have a problem, I go straight to the source, not to an online forum so others can feel my pain. Any questions?
  8. Kevdbry

    New Orleans Tandy Store

    Shane, I've been shopping at that Tandy store for MANY years now and have NEVER incountered HALF of what you are claiming!! Prices are what they are, YOU should be very aware of this. You buy the leather, make an item and sell it.....for PROFIT!!! Do you think Tandy will sell you something without there profit margin? YES, prices do go up and NO, Tandy does not have to tell you about it. You will find out on your next purchase. And why is it taking you 2 hours to drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans???? I make that drive every weekend (from Baton Rouge) and it only takes me an hour and 15 minutes, driving the speed limit. Not assuming anything about your driving habits, but thats not Tandys fault. As far as the "same bug bit, scratched" leather you tried to as well as everyone else on this site knows that you have options. If you don't like what you see, you have the option of buying somewhere else. It's called a free market society!! You make holsters, well, I'll make sure I buy my holsters from someone who's not complaining about the leather at Tandy!! I've purchased my leather from several different sources and trust me, Tandy notices. Not to making excuses for Tandy, but they did change tanneries because of the quality of leather was decreasing at an incredible rate. BUT, in the meantime, they have literally thousands of hides in their warehouse that need to be sold. So, they will sell those FIRST before putting out the "good stuff", to recoup their money. If you don't like the conditions of the leather, again, find another supplier. As with the employees there, yes, that store has had some issues, just like any other business. Kristin is not the manager but she is one of the most knowledgable employees I know!!! When she quotes you a price, there is no mistake, that's the price. Ross is currently the new store manager and he is a great guy, I met him this past Saturday. The "attitude" you received was NOT attitude, it was someone doing business with you and not bowing down to your request and from what I've read, it pissed you off. All I can tell you is.......Cry a river, Build a bridge, and GET OVER IT!!!!
  9. Kevdbry

    copyright infringement?

    I use a lot of patterns that I've acquired over the years form various points. Each of those patterns did come from a printed document. Tandy had the "Doodle Pages" back in the day and offered it to everyone to use. Not copyrights of any sort. Using the cell phone case from Tandy as your own pattern is not infringing on any copyrights because if go and look in any country/western stores, you will find cell phone cases that are almost identical to Tandy's. If you change any portion of the pattern, its yours. Plus, I can only assume that you are not selling it as a "Tandy Original". No true leathersmith will every do that!! I make key fobs for some local colleges fraternaties. I use a fleur di lis stamp and put the colleges letters under it and use "like" colors when staining/painting. Those fobs sell like hot cakes. I DO NOT advertise the product as "official" collegiate products. It is something that I have come up with and ANYONE can do it. The only thing that I claim as official is the leather I use and myself, a leathersmith. If you do not use the terms "Official Gear" or "Lisenced Products", you are in the clear. If you change ANY portion of a drawing or pattern, you are in the clear. Just don't change a color and hope for the best. Use your craftsman brain and make a change that will make a product better. I've enjoyed making changes to patterns and I have found that lots of other people like it as well. Good Luck!!!
  10. Kevdbry

    Tandy Black Powder Pouches pattern book

    I do believe I have the exact copy of the book you are looking for!!! I received from a friend of a friend through a friend. Let me know if you are still interested and I can get you a copy. Are you still in New Orleans? I'm in Baton Rouge.