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  1. I love my Galco Royal Guard holster. Some day I will try to duplicate it with a few quirks. But the exaggerated forward cant makes it difficult to wear much beyond the strong side 3 o'clock position. Adding a small strip of leather and pieces of a Chicago screw allows for a more comfortable ride, but still can convert back to the original cant without a problem.
  2. Anybody have an idea where to source a holster retention device such as the one in Urban Carry's "LockLeather" line: https://urbancarryholsters.com/lockleather?
  3. Fortunately, I live in Milwaukee and can visit the Fiebings factory. On the advice of the technician, I used the black Low VOC. Had always used Pro Dye, but he said in black, the Low VOC was deeper and very dense. He was definitely right! This was dyed with a dauber (not dipped), 2 coats, black resolene diluted 50/50 with water and a final buff with Aussie. Almost no take off with the buff. I am convinced!
  4. Great job! Would love to see an atlas of what can be done with Barry King stamps.
  5. Any recommendations for SPI and Ritza 25 size to sew billets on a Ranger Belt?
  6. Thanks, terrahyd! Looking forward to it. Have done mostly belts. Like Sheridan style, but not very good at it yet. Working on some "Montana sling" rifle slings now.

  7. welcome to the site

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