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  1. Hi all I am looking for a B3 Bomber jacket pattern. Can any one help. Looks like they are a scarce as hens teeth.
  2. Welkom van uit die reenboog land.
  3. Hi Is it the one from Al Stolmans making leather cases volume one book? If it is i have it on the pc but don't know how to up load it.
  4. Hi Candice Tosh here. Drop me a e-mail on tosho@tomco.co.za & i will give you all the info you are looking for.
  5. Stunning saddle john. Well done. I do these from time to time.
  6. Great find. Any idea when it was made? I have a Singer version. Enjoy the re-vamp. Tosh.
  7. Boertjie Hi my name it Tosh (Kempton Park, Gauteng) & i have just bought a Singer 29U171A machine for R200-00 from a guy that has also never used it. The machine is i perfect working order, Just needs & good clean & oiling. I think you are paying a bit much. If you brouse the web, all the service & parts books are available on free down load.
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