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  1. I actually made a little different style 22 holder not quite as fancy as yours. I have sold quite a few in my shop since i started using it all the ime when i am plinking the beasuty of it is there is not a whole bunch wrapped up in hardware and usually there are plenty of scraps layng around to make them.
  2. leatherman tool pouch arrow quiver gun scabbard scabbard detail conceal carry holster
  3. Glad someone finally sadi it before i did.
  4. I already nhave somewhat of a similar shop. Me and my wife run and own a restaraunt and my leather shop is located within the restaraunt.
  5. who ever said conceal carry had to be plain LOL 1911 cross draw
  6. I have found a very inexpensive way to make my own thumb breaks. Mine I simply use 12" hose clamps and use the unthreaded section of the clamp. It can be cut with tin snips to any desired length and can be drilled with any sharp drill bit. It is stiff enough to hold up to repeated use but can still be bent or straightened to shooters desired position. It works well for me and so far my customers love it.
  7. Ok guys here is my pattern I am warning you it is crude but it gives you the basics. It is sized to a basic size but I put my tips on it to how to adjust it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me. I will do my best to answer them. scan0001.pdf
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