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  1. A hunting rig. To keep the pistol dry in wet weather. Didn't want to buy the camo pre-printed stuff. It's more of a challenge and a great learning experience when you try new things. I tried. I'll try again another day. I really like the marble look, although I was trying to get the camo look. Still have some learning to do about the Carrageenan (Irish Moss) mixture and how to get it to 'Gel' up. It seemed too watery. Instructions on the Carrageenan bag said to mix it up and let it 'rest' for 12 hours. So, I followed those directions and expected to see more of a Jello media to drop the die into. It was too runny. (Could have bought the Gel kit from Goods Japan, but wanted to do it my way. I'll get there!) Also, the die's I used were not all consistent. Some were oil based others were Tandy's Eco-Flo. The oil based did best by staying on top, spreading out and mixing nicely. I'm not a scientist, nor a paint specialist or anything even close to it. I'm just playing around. But I do like this outcome, so, I went ahead and finished the project (belt and holster) and I really like it. It's just an old piece of belly leather that had been in the sun too long and was going to be used for some project that I never did get to, so, not a big loss if it didn't work. I can now see that if I had a large container, I could do a side or larger at one time, then cut it up for projects, tool it and finish as normal. Once the holster is done drying, (currently in wet mold to fit the gun), it should lighten up to match the belt. I'll finish the belt soon and will have a nice, (unique), hunting rig. It makes for some exciting custom leather look!
  2. Hope I don't get pulled over. "Hands up! Don't shoot! It's only a cell phone!"
  3. I went through several ideas before coming up with that design. Tried searching for patterns but wanted a 1 piece design that included the lighter. So, kept working on my own ideas. Sewing wasn't too easy but made it using an awl and needle nose. I transferred the folded paper cutout onto a thin plastic cutting board material in order to save the pattern.
  4. It's been a year and a half since I last did a leather project. And what does it happen to be? A cigarette pouch! (I quit smoking 3 months ago!) Only wanted to smoke when I got frustrated a couple of times. Otherwise, I really enjoyed a little leather work again. My treat to a dear friend. One piece, one sew. Can wear it on a belt, or, as she will do, carry it in her purse.
  5. Alright, then, let's drop it to $100 OBO. Bill
  6. She gave me the okay to drop to $125 Or Best Offer. Does that help?
  7. Helping a friend sell this. Condition is fair, not pristine but very useful. 4 pages are cut out and she has 2 of them. Asking $175 OBO + Shipping from SW Washington, USA. Pay by PayPal to her account and she will mail right away. Thank you, Bill
  8. Thanks you guys. I'll pass on this one. I'll offered to help her sell it and she's aware it will down below $200. Before I go to classified's with this, What would you recommend a reasonable price should be? Bill
  9. Thanks a bunch for your responses, folks. I got the pics by email today.
  10. I met someone who offered this to me and hinted around the $500 mark. It sounds like an original (haven't seen it or pics yet). What do I look for to be sure it is an original? She said 4 pages are cut out and she has only 2 of them. The rest of the book sounds like real good condition. Is $500 good, bad or ugly? Help me out on what to look for when I see it? Thanks, Bill
  11. Very nice job, Frederiek! Love the 3 tone stain and the green leaf accent. That adjustment strap is nicely done. Great attention to detail. I can appreciate to effort you put in to that. It was well worth it! Thanks for sharing, Bill
  12. That's my kind of holster. Looks good, JB. I like the Hair-on. In fact, that's nice enough to wear with your Sunday-go-to-meetin clothes! Bill
  13. Hollywood is gonna call one day, if they haven't already, and I expect to see your work in the movies real soon! You must have quite the museum by now! A fan, Bill
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