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  1. Mojo66

    Wide Belt Buckle

    Thanks for the replies, the buckles from buckleguy seem to stop at 2 1/4", and Abbey's only seem to go up to 2". I'll keep looking though.
  2. I'm looking for a 4" belt buckle, needs to be nickel, and preferably double pronged, although single is ok as long as it's sturdy. Does anyone know of any suppliers? I'm in the UK but happy to order from overseas if need be. Something like this, but 4" would be ideal. http://www.tandyleather.eu/en/product/two-prong-roller-buckles-nickel-plated
  3. Thank you for that, usually I find that a lot of products mentioned on here aren't available where I am but that one is, so I may be giving it a go. Am currently trying one last coat of dye applied by pouring the dye onto the leather! Will see how that goes.
  4. Hi, it was just normal veg tan, usually I'd use black bridle leather for a belt but I didn't have a piece long enough. I'll try another coat and see what happens.
  5. Thank you for all the kind comments, I don't have any but find tattooing fascinating, there are some beautiful designs.
  6. A recent project, the red is acrylic paint thinned with water for a slightly translucent finish. Finished with a mix of Eco Flo Chestnut tan and Fiebings Dark Brown antique. Stitched on my old Singer Patcher.
  7. Thank you, a very informative reply! I made a small batch this afternoon and will see how it goes. Out of interest, can I apply this over the Fiebings dye, or will I need to make a new belt? Either way it's not a problem.
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply, I've been looking at the vinegeroon threads, might try that. I have some brillo pads and a smallish (180g) mustard jar, will they work? How much of the brillo pad do I use? Cheers
  9. I'm making a belt at the moment using Fiebing's black dye. I'm used to this stuff rubbing off, but I find that it looks OK when viewed on it's own, but if it's in strong light, or when viewed against a factory dyed black leather it doesn't look completely black, more a dark brown colour. Am I being picky? Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried a little neatsfoot but it doesn't seem to have made much difference. I heard it's possible to dye the article blue first, then go black, does this work?
  10. thanks for that, I've checked and Createx is available over here, so I'll give it a go.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I'll see if I can persuade him to have it in tan and black, if not I'll have to go with the acrylic.
  12. I've had a request from a customer to make a guitar strap similar to the Waylon Jennings one, ie. black with white tooling, the black isn't a problem, but does anyone know how to get the white? All the stains I've found are mainly various shades of tan, I've had mixed results with acrylic paints and as the strap will need to flex I'm not too sure about using them for this project. Something similar to this would be good. Leather is expensive and I don't want to waste lots of time an money making a hash of it! I'll be using 3mm veg tan. Thanks. http://www.telecaste.../normal_003.JPG
  13. I usually go over the dye with either Resolene or Super Sheen, just "paint" the lettering with it. Never had a problem with the colour coming off.
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