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  1. thanks for the suggestion about the check spring...was wondering what the cylinder on top is for, mine doesn't have one, the mounting hole is there...I'm still learning about these machines. I have a pro 2000, 111 155, an american straight needle, and a 29k 60 , seem to be able to make them all sew but this one has been a problem... I just like the old machines...thanks
  2. re read my post and meant to say that the the hook misses the upper thread...not sure why seems to be right where it should be..may be a tension issue not leaving enough loop in the needle thread for the hook to pickup...not really sure
  3. Yes time flies....throat measures 19"...bobbin is 1" ...appears to be in time but the hook doesn't want to pick up the lower thread... treadle printing is hard to read but is "politype" and lower line reads "Emile James NY"...R Neumann & Co printed on the head ...serial #2110 any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks a bunch
  4. just saw your post. I have several either solid brass or nickel plate almost square loops 1 .1/4 x 1 1/2 made of 1/4 stock.y I also found a old hand forged rusty one that is 11/2x15/8 also 1/4 inch stock. if you can use any of those let me know and will send pics
  5. probably won't get a chance to post pics for a few days. even though it has R Neumann & Co painted on the head, it appears to be politype # 3 patcher. been stored in this house for a long time, it came with the house and it used to sew. needs a good going over. seems tight is only missing some tension disks above the needle bar
  6. have an old patch machine that has politype on the treadle.. the head has a faded label that I think reads R. neumann & Co. appears that the machine will sew but was looking for any info that as to the history. been sitting in this basement for at least 60 years that i'm aware of. thanks
  7. Was wondering if anyone out there knows where to find twisted wire fly swatter handles? Have lots of scraps that would make good leather fly swatters. Thanks
  8. EB 509

    Ferdco 440R

    I have for sale a Ferdco 440R leather sewing machine. This machine is less than 3 years old an has been used very little.( changed to a different machine) These machines are a cylinder arm machine with a 10 1/4" throat and will sew up to 1/2 inch thick, great mid weight tack machine, sews perfect. Includes stand,attchment package,etc. $1000. can deliver with in a hundred miles or so. Located in Tonasket, Washington (North Central Washington State) Can email pictures.
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