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  1. Tipton Company Bunkhouse Tools Embosser Hand Crank Embossing Machine, Used Once. This manual hand crank embossing machine is versatile, user friendly and the most affordable machine on the market today. Made in USA. This Embossing Machine is in excellent like new condition since it was used once. This is a bench mounted, open end machine with 1" shaft with key slot, free rolling nylon bottom roller and foot control pressure which gives you better control and impressions on a wide variety of leathers and applications including straight strap and border roll. This machine can use almost any size embossing wheel with a 1" bore, from small 1 3/8" wheels up to the big 3" and everything in between with no adjustment except maybe the strap on the foot pedal. The embosser ships complete with foot pedal, edge guide and sufficient spacers (foot pedal strap is not included because length varies with set up). $349.00 for all plus shipping of 27.00.
  2. Tandy Leather Stripper Box states this manual table top stripper cuts all leathers, up to 12 ounces in Weight . Makes strips 1/8" to 3" Wide. This Stripper was used once. Buyer pays shipping.
  3. What a coincidence--I make dog collars, leashes, tracking lines as my business and I also have a tracking dog named Chloe (Standard Poodle), (and two other tracking Poodles, Myles, and Calypso). We do not do blood tracking. Rather, we track human scent in the field and also do Variable Surface Tracking in various urban environments which involves tracking on concrete, asphalt, and other non-vegetated surfaces in urban settings. When I track with my dogs, I use a harness and a long line (30-40' in the field) and 20' in the urban environment. I was wondering whether blood tracking is done with a harness and long line. If you do use a harness, you should make a harness to match the nice collar you make for your Chloe.
  4. I saw the shades of black, grey, white color in camo leather at Sav More leather two weeks ago. Sav More's info is: 1626 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 749-3468 I am not sure whether the hides were shoulders, double shoulders or ? The leather looked to be 3-4 ounces but you can call them and find out. I visit this store in person but in all probability they will ship. Their prices are good-wholesale. If you do not have a resale No. they still give the wholesale price. I hope this helps. Nancy
  5. HI: I do not know if you are still looking for this item. If you are, Sav More Leather has hair on calf hide in giraffe print. Sav More is located near the 10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles: 1626 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 749-3468 Sav More's prices are wholesale for tools, leather and hardware . The outside of the store looks sketchy but don't let that discourage you--go inside--they have a wonderful selection of leather and the owners are extremely nice. I hope this helps. Nancy
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