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  1. Thank you Sideforce. That is perfect.
  2. I'm trying to get a Rhodesian Holster pattern for a 1911 5 inch barrel or a Browning Hi Power. It seems to be a holster I can make at my skill level. Any ideas or patterns that anyone knows of . Thanks, Del
  3. My wife and I both like your craftsmanship in making these items. Great job and great colors.
  4. Ladies & Gentlemen, Can you use the stud & socket of the Pull the Dot snap and use your plain Line 24 cap and post to make a complete functioning snap. I need to buy some Pull the Dot snaps but I have never installed them on my leather projects? Del
  5. I want to thank everyone for the great comments. I did not even think about the wood chishel method. Del
  6. Hello Everyone, I have been only making simple mag pouches and I attempted a 45 ACP belt slide but I could not cut the belt slots in the leather properly. I punched a hole at each end and used the razor knife to slice between the hole. I was not impressed with that method, so could someone please explain a better method. Thanks Del
  7. That was some great work and the black finish sets it off. I may try that technique. Del
  8. That is one great set up you have there. Great leather skills! Del
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