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  1. I will try and get a pic of the inside later. I used some thin black chap leather i had left over. I used some black elastic strips to hold the kindle in place. the case opens like a book. No need to ever take it out of the case.
  2. Those are some rhinestone type rivets. I handstiched it with some waxed thread.
  3. Yea the weave didn't come out like I would have liked it too. I don;t have a good slab yet.
  4. Here is a new purse i made for the wife. Used 4/5 oz veg tan. Any comments and critisism is greatly appreciated.
  5. Has anyone ever attempted to make a bareback rigging body? If so any instruction would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. You may suggest a split ear headstall. Alot simpler to make and looks really nice on a horse with a pretty head. Not sure what they will use it for but my dad rides horses daily and this is all he uses anymore.
  7. Here are some knife sheaths i've done in the past.
  8. hjett1

    Hi Ya'll

    Hello everyone. Can't tell you how glad I am to find this Forum. I am new to leatherwork and am teaching myself everything through trial and error. I've made several things from knife sheaths to headstalls. Some turned out pretty good, some haven't. Wish I would have found this place awhile back. Would have saved me lots of time and money. Anyways just wanted to say hi and let ya'll know how awesome some of the work i've seen on here is. Just hope im half as good as ya'll some day.
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