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  1. I teach 4-H kids and my project has grown, I have asked for 5.00 a month from kids to help get supplies for our group, tandy will give discounts for groups so maybe the kids could get a beginner kit....good luck. Maybe a fundraiser or yardsale too
  2. ya that's when I got confused so may to choose from..lol thanks
  3. I love this site usually I just look a lot and admire everyone's work. I started leatherwork as a teenager but stopped in my 30,s I am 63 now my tools are tandy but the older and better ones. I started back up about 7 yrs ago my friends like my stuff but I know what it is lacking. I want to get some barry king bevelers and a few other tools. What bevelers and swivel knives would you guys recommend starting with. thanks
  4. I too am just getting back into leather work...great job...how did u do the writing...
  5. Beautiful work...hope I can be that good one day...
  6. What kind of sewing maching or mauls do you have. Hate to see you see all that stuff but good luck.and sorry for your loss...
  7. nice job on your braiding ...

  8. We recently converted my daughters room into my leather room after she moved out. I can't wait to get back into tooling. I also plan to start a leather project with my 4-H kids. So much out there to see and look at with the internet...I feel way out of practice though...

  9. Found you on here...I got those tools from my friend they are so awesome couple I have never seen...

    take care

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