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  1. I will double double check but I’m almost certain the needle is in as described and thread is left to right but I will check again
  2. Ok im wondering if should have just stayed on original thread so the progress or lack off could be tracked but. Back to leather set up. 138 on top 92 on bobbin. Size 23 needle. Stitches all janked up and it.looks like the thread is unraveling at the needle. Im very frustrated and things just arnt getting better. Issue with thread unraveling at needle
  3. Yes the brown is the bottom or underside on this piece. thank you
  4. Seiko stw8/consew 225 that my prior questions have been about. I decided to try different materials thread and needle. While I wait on 135x16 size 24 and 25 to arrive. So I have size 92 bonded nylon thread with 135x17 size 18 needle and 4 layers of canvas. Same issue Im having on leather. The bottom is really loose and not pulling into the material. Additional pic
  5. For those who have been at it for a while. What kind of tips or advice do you wish you had known or gotten when you were first getting started??
  6. I’m having trouble finding 24 or 25 in the 135x16 any ideas? I remember seeing a post here I think Bob said he has them but I don’t see on website. I’ll give him a call.
  7. My Seiko stw 8 / consew 225 came with the 2 toe foot. Do I need to get additional feet with 1 either left or right toe and what are the different applications for a 1 toe foot vs the 2 toe?
  8. Thank you very much. BTW got the servo motor really quickly thank you. Makes a huge difference. chris malcom
  9. Ive noticed a few times that the thread on the bottom of my work seems to be "unraveled" or "untwisted" sorry Im just learning the terms but if you held the thread in your fingers and twisted it backwards is what I mean. That made me wonder whether the direction of the thread twist matters as to how I thread the machine and or the bobbin?
  10. About 6 layers of canvas. 138 thread and 22 needle. I just wanted to test on somthing different from the pieces of leather ive been testing on. Would it help to have a size smaller thread on bottom? Ive seen that mentioned here but thought top and bottom needed to be same. Didnt realize that they could be different sizes at same time. Im learning.
  11. Im still not getting good results on the bottom or back side. The bobbin tension is where I have to jiggle it while holding thread to get it to come out. Ive adjusted and un adjusted the top tension but the bottom still looks sloppy and the knot is not pulling up. What do I do next? Thank you to everyone who took time to reply with help and advice.
  12. I feel like I am making progress even if slow progress. Today I got my new servo motor from Toledo. Very helpful on phone and order got here super fast. Got it installed and works great. Also got a new spring (the u shaped one) got that installed and gave it a trial run. Much better. Cant even describe how much easier to control with the servo motor. Wow!. Bottom or back side still not exactly right but definitely getting there. Thank you to everyone who took time to reply with help and advice.
  13. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know how to remove the bobbin case. I took out the bobbin but couldn’t see how to remove the case and didn’t see on YouTube how to remove it.
  14. Ok added upper thread tension and tried 2 layers. I did not adjust stitch length at all but the stitches are much shorter on the 2 layers? Why is that? on left is 1 layer on right is 2 layers. also looks like bottom or back side getting worse not better.
  15. Same stw 8 that I have been asking about. Ordered 138 thread and 135 x 16 size 22 needle. I have also changed the motor pulley to a 2”. I have ordered servo motor from Toledo. So test drive with new thread and needle. Only 1 layer for test but the back side or bottom doesn’t look right. What do I need to adjust and how do I adjust it? I had to downsize the pics to be able to upload as per attachment requirements. any help greatly appreciated.
  16. Could you please suggest a servo motor that will work well with the Seiko stw 8 please.
  17. I had to downsize the pics to get them to upload sorry. how do I replace the check spring? I’m afraid to remove the tension part thinking some spring will pop out and be impossible for me to put back. Could you please suggest a servo motor that will work well with the Seiko stw 8 please.
  18. I had to downsize the pics to upload sorry. Ive worked on correcting the threading and it seems to be doing better. Ill try to attach another pic. Can someone suggest which servo motor would work best with the seiko stw 8/ consew 225 please.
  19. Sorry I dont guess my initial post got through. I have purchased a used seiko stw 8 which I understand is a consew 225. It was sewing when I bought it. Got it home and set up and thought I threaded exactly as it had been and I tried to switch to a longer stitch length. Now its breaking thread and missing stitches. See photo. I changed the lower pulley to a 2" to slow it down but its still too fast. I need help with the threading issue and recommended servo motor. On the lower tension the U shaped spring doesnt seem to come back to its lower position. It seems to stay in its up position. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  20. I wasnt able to get photos to upload on my earlier request for help. I think I have that worked out now.
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