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  1. Thank you for information! Do you know some webstores where I could buy ichigi ?
  2. Hello Scraft, and welcome! Your leather products look great, and quite unusual! I Wonder if you would tell me if you know about male and female dance boots called "itchighi". Are they from your area?..
  3. Phil2011

    Hello From The Other Side Of The Pond (France)

    Bonjour Jean-Luc! Il n'y a pas beaucoup de Français, par ici! En ce qui me concerne, j'ai suivi une formation chez un artisan sellier-bourrelier en 1997. C'était dans le cadre d'une reconversion professionnelle. Malheureusement, je n'ai pas pu m'installer à mon compte et j'ai dû laisser tomber. Mais le travail du cuir est resté un hobby: après avoir travaillé pour des amis qui avaient des chevaux, je me suis réorienté vers la fabrication de mocassins et de bottes de divers styles. Tu pourras en voir une partie dans "Other specialties", rubrique "Shoes, boots, sandals and moccasins". A très bientôt j'espère! Cordialement, Philippe
  4. Phil2011

    Turquoise Ankle Moccasins

    Thank you very much! Unfortunately I don't have pics of these mocs as they're worn. However, on some occasions I saw the woman wearing them: at the supermarket, at the post office, and on street. It was great to see this! But at this time i didn't own a numeric camera...
  5. Hi, there! I just found these pictures of a pair of moccasins I made several years ago: The upper part is made from an woman coat from the 70's! It's a thin and very soft lambskin! As this leather is very thin, very soft and a bit stretch I've added a thin cotton cloth lining. The soles are made of thick (0.25", or 5mm) but very supple chrome tanned leather (smooth side outside). I added a removable padded insole. I made these mocs for a woman who wanted softsoled mocs she could wear for driving, on street, and at work. The size is 6.5US wmn (37EUR).
  6. Thank you, Jordan! Such mocs made of deerskin will be great! Will you make beadwork, too? Please post some pics of these mocs when they'll be made!
  7. Thank you, Yohoho! It was not a very difficult work, and these Adidas were amazingly comfy as slippers!..
  8. Phil2011

    Elf Boots For My Wife

    Hello! Thank you for comment! If you're interested, I'll send you a MP to give you the e-mail of the maker.
  9. Hi, there! I use to make moccasins in women common sizes. But my wife's feet are tiny: they're 8.5" long only (21,5cm) !.. I don't own any pattern in such a small size and I can't find on web. But I'm still searching! That's why, for now, I found a woman on who makes "elf boots" like this: I asked her if she could make small boots like these ones with the measures I could send her. She said it was OK, so I chosen the color: red! Yesterday, I got the boots: The leather is thick but extremely soft at the same time! There is no lining, and there is a padded insole. These boots are very well made! I don't have pics of my wife wearing them, at this time, but I wish I'll can post soon! ;-)
  10. Thank you r lenna! I've stitched with two needles and linen thread. Beadwork on the foot is made on a thin turquoise leather. Beadwork around the ankle is made on a loom then glued and stitched on leather. At least, beadwork on front part of the moccasins is lazy-squaw stitching.
  11. Hi, Glendon! Thanks a lot for the link! I'm going to contact the seller!.. About the second part of your message, I just can't find kids patterns! The smallest size I ever found is 6US wmn!.. Someone told me that I could reduce such a pattern to get the right size. Unfortunately it doesn't work: the proportion between length and width of foot are not the same one on short feet than on large feet... That's why I'm looking for children patterns...
  12. Hello, there! I make moccasins for years, but always in women or men sizes. I married last month, and my wife has tiny feet: they're 8.5" long only (21,5cm)! I would like to make various styles of soft soled footwear for her (moccasins, boots, slippers, ghillies...) but I can't find any pattern in the right size . I Wonder if anyone could help me! Thanks a lot in advance !!!
  13. Hi, there! My wife has tiny feet: they're 8.5" long only (21,5cm). I make moccasins for years, but always in men or women sizes. So, I don't have any pattern to make anything for her! I would like to make for her various styles of soft soled footwear as moccasins, boots, slippers, ghillies, etc... Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who could help me!
  14. Hi, there! My wife's feet are tiny, they are 8.5" long only (21,5cm) and I would like to make various styles of soft soled footwear for her: moccasins, slippers, ghillies, etc... I use to make moccasins, but till I meet my wife I used to make them in adult sizes (both woman and man). I've searched a lot, but no pattern I find is smaller than size 5 or 6US wmn !.. I Wonder if someone could tell me where I could find patterns in the right size. Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Phil2011

    Veg Tan Leather And Tools In Paris?

    Hi! There is only one leathercraft tools manufacture in France: Vergez-Blanchard. Here is the website: . But this company only sells to pro. So, the best way to get tools from there is to order by a craftsman, as a shoe repairer for example. Are you french? I am. So, if you're french too, it'll be easier to write in french!..