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  1. My knife marked GOMPH has the same handle and ferrule as the HG GOMPH knife. The Gomph knife has been sharpened down and is only 2.75” point to point. I love that little knife.
  2. I have some round knives stamped HG GOMPH ALBANY NY and others just marked GOMPH. What dictated how they were marked? Is there a vintage associated with the different markings?
  3. I always stamp first on the side with the shortest length. On a round corner that is the inside radius. The stamp on the outside will split the difference.
  4. Sometimes you have to tap down the seam with your cobblers hammer. I always do this with machine stitches and hand sewing. This will smooth the surface and close the holes.
  5. Looks like Goods Japan no longer carries these pricking irons. Does anyone know of another source? I can't seem to find them.
  6. Lincoln

    Versa Groover

    Look for Douglas saddle Company on Facebook.
  7. How old is it? Did you purchase it new?
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