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  1. NYC company is selling an almost new Master Tools 8 Ton Clicker. Approx. 1 year old. It's their newest version, with a welded top. Selling with cutting board -- one side completely new, the other side has some cuts into the board. It can handle fairly large dies for cutting and embossing. They used it to cut 10oz leather. Can be shipped on a pallet from Brooklyn New York. If you'd like to estimate shipping cost, the machine on a pallet is about 370lb. Here's the link from Weaver Master Tools: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/37758/001/156 $2500 + shipping DM with details and where it would ship to purchase. Please serious inquiry, ready to buy, only. Thank you!
  2. Yes, @jimi that video is gold. I'm much more a visual person and it's so helpful to see what these feet do. Thank you! I also came across these "spare parts" from Fratelli Alberti. Take a look Looks like they have everything. http://www.fratellialberti.com/lang2/spare-parts.html Nippy also has some listing similar to Fratelli, but I'm not sure which is easiest to get in the US. Probably FAV.
  3. Close to getting a skiving machine and trying to learn what I can.. Can you all help me understand the different types of presser feet for the basic single motor skiving machines out there? I see most of them come with a 2" non-rolling foot, but I've seen images of other types of skiving presser available. What types of results do these variations yield? Wondering which I should look for and add to my want list. Thanks for the help!!
  4. I have the WUTA as well! Very nice tool and pretty much what I was looking for!
  5. Great idea @Weaver Leather Supply! I was initially hoping to somehow use as a makeshift skiver for small good edges before sewing, but will keep note of this for straps!
  6. @Mark842 makes sense! I was definitely being too hopeful, trying to save space in the shop. Thanks for the input!
  7. Do you think it's possible to use a hand-crank splitter as a skiver on edges? I imagine you could back up the piece after splitting a little... but then would be left with having to cut off the partially split part?... Though, not sure feeding it only a little is even possible since the skiving area is so minimal. I don't own one of these machines so I can't test it out... Leatherworkers with hand-crank splitters, what are your thoughts?
  8. Hey does anyone have any advice on how to put together a canvas burnisher, for use on a drill press? (links to what's needed / where to buy would be really helpful too!
  9. Any users use a Kingsley hot stamping machine for leather? Figured we could start a thread sharing helpful tips. Nothing is too basic to share
  10. @Techsew Ron sent an updated email - please check it out when you get a chance thanks!
  11. Hey all, It's a new machine @cdthayer. Took a look at again in slow-mo, and I really do think it's something to do with Gregg From Keystone Sewing suggested: "Often the presser feet and feed dog do not match, and the points of contact tell the story." I feel like I've tried so many different combinations to see what's the problem - but going to try all original factory settings again - original presser feed, feed dog, etc. It would mean that whatever / even minor uneven surface there is now really pushes that material to the side (it's almost impossible to correct when it's moving along). So it would be a great relief if that's all it is - but also onto the next thing to figure out with the leatherworker.net community -- how to get level smooth feed dogs. For now, still working this out. Suggestions welcome Keep you all posted!
  12. Appreciate the feedback! I'm going to check the upper swing block like you suggested when I get back to the machine. A bit confused how to do that but I think once I'm back in front of the machine it'll be clear (*fingers crossed*). I did get a feed-dog with the teeth removed and it doesn't mark, but it might have that slope / uneven surface. That's another thing I'm going to look into too! -- I'm going to place the factory feed-dog on and see if the shift still happens with the flat feed dog.
  13. Hahaha thanks for the laugh definitely needed that Thanks for the suggestion! Feels more steady, but it does still push out the material to the side when the feed dog comes up. Not sure if it's helpful to note, but it does the same in the middle of pieces, not on the edge as well for what I'm using now. I read another post where they mentioned that sometimes the bottom feed mechanism causes more trouble than helping - wondering if that's the case here.
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