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  1. please add me to the adult area about leather. thank you
  2. i tryed the eco flo water based dye and turned out very crappy, I am thinking of using women's hair coloring for dye. any one ever try this? I live in california and I think there are only water based dye available here. I did make some black gye from steel wool and vinigar, but I was trying for a purple color with the eco flo, didnt cover evenly.. any suggestions f best purple dye in california? I am new to leather crafts. thanks!
  3. can you just trace any picture to make a tooling pattern? are there certain features take make some pictures more suitable for tooling? I want to find a billiard pattern for tracing on to leather and would like to know what I should look for to have it be a nice tooling pattern. thank you
  4. I am making a leather purse and would like to have a billiard related pattern/carving/ tooling picture on the front rather than the floral pictures that are available. like a rack of balls or an 8ball or something. any resourses for that kind of a pattern?
  5. I wonder there are so many western floral designs about? they are very pretty,but I am hoping to some billiard related designs. I dont have much drawing ability and would like to find a pattern Icould trace on to the leather I am working with.this could bea new area for some one who can draw. please advise as to any resources where I might find such a pattern.many thanks wendyb@thegrid.net
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