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  1. Does anyone have a pattern for a holster for a Taurus judge 45/10 3" revolver that you may want to share? Thanks in advance Chris
  2. Hi all, Just purchased a clicker press for my projects and would like to offer that service to those who need items cut. You provide the die, send it to me or have it sent, i can obtain the leather or material that you need your pattern cut from. I am willing to negotiate a fair price for this service. Pm me at chris@mosaic-printing.com Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi all, I don't post much but enjoy all of the great topics on this forum. I wanted to reaffirm what all of you probably already know, Steve at leather machine company is a great guy and has real great customer service. I bought a cobra clicker press from him, just as advertised, filled with hydraulic oil and ready for service. I am very pleased and will continue to do business with Steve. Chris S Mosaic printing and leather works Parker, Colorado
  4. Would like a used tippman clicker 1500, I am in Colorado. Thanks Chris 303-807-5447 Chris@mosaic-printing.com
  5. my new strap cutter is on its way!!! Steve at leather machine company way very easy to work with and he has a smoking hot deal going on right now!! Will post when it arrives
  6. I suppose this machine is long gone?
  7. I have dealt with Steve before,he has always been helpful for a leather machine virgin. You wont be disappointed.
  8. I have a Kahr pm9. I can scan it if you need me too and email to you. Chris
  9. Just wanted to give Kudos to Steve at Leather Machine Company. I recently bought a Clone at another company and it has served me very well. However, being a leather machine sewing novice, there have been times that I have needed some support and coaching. I have called Steve for that help, and even though I have not purchased from him yet, he has always been happy to help. If you are considering a new sewing machine in the future, CALL STEVE, he is the best!!!! Chris
  10. that is some really nice work!!
  11. Thanks Chuck and Mlapaglia, Its always the simple projects that are stumpers. I will get Al Stohlmans book and the article has some great tips. This is why I enjoy leatherworker.net so much. Folks are always willing to help one another out!! Chris
  12. Hi, I have enjoyed all of the topics on this forum and they have helped on many simple projects. I have been asked by a friend to make a Knife Sheath for a large knife, 6.5" blade. A seemingly simple project has me stumped, does anyone have couple of different style patterns you could share? you can email me privately at ChrisSpanos@me.com Thanks in advance Chris
  13. That is just beautiful work, thanks for sharing!!
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