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  1. OMG that video is amazing, and yes you are pretty. Too bad I live in the States and married. Good luck on finding your soulmate.
  2. I've had a pair of scissors for a couple of years, still cuts well. Just wondering if they ever start to dull, which I'm sure it's inevitable. How would you sharpen them?
  3. One thing about NYC is we have a very good public transit system that can reach all 5 boroughs, the down side to the studio is $160 a month. Thanks though.
  4. I'm looking to make SCA and SteamPunk boots. The concern I have is how much do I really need a motorized sander? My cuts are not perfect all the time, so I know I'll need to do some trimming, is this something that can be done by hand? And some of my pounding, I might have to do it outside as, yeah, my neighbors would not be happy. When I worked with Copper rivets, they were not happy at all.
  5. I was just wondering. Would it be at all feasible for someone like me who lives in an apartment and moves around because of rent affordability. Who cannot buy machines because of room restrictions. Only kind of powertools I can buy would have to be very portable. Every boot making videos I've watched the maker has huge machines, for grinding, sanding, buffing, etc. I'd love to try to make my own boots, but it doesn't look like I'd have the space for it. Also I live in NYC, the apartments here are very small, from what everyone tells me that comes from other state's.
  6. Wow they are expensive, but some are gorgeous, thanks.
  7. Well, she may swing it around one day, it is carbon steel, and combat ready/theatrical, but for now it's for show. And I'm looking for a simple pattern. For now, instead of using a wooden core, I want to try doing a scabbard with a heavy weight leather, like 14oz, so it'll have some stiffness. I do not have a work shop, and live in a tiny apartment, so wood crafting isn't an option for me. The only thing I'm not sure about that I've seen on lots of scabbards are those metal tip ends, where does one find that and how is it secured? Thank you camano ridge and DJole for your feed backs.
  8. Hello all, Just bought my wife this sword, doesn't seem like it comes with a scabbard, any suggestions? I'm not too familiar with lacing yet, thought I'd make a scabbard doing double stitching. http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/p-1086-double-handed-broadsword.aspx
  9. Wow, that was a lot of juicy info, thank you. And the Wifey loves purple, personally I'd rather go with forest green. Then again, I cos play as a Ranger or a Bard she's a Warrior.
  10. Thank you all for the input. Time to get an air compressor and try Yonder's technique. I don't know much about wood, do you think Yew would be any different than Ash, Matt?
  11. Has anyone ever tried to dye wood with leather dye? I'm looking at an unfinished Yew bow for my fiance, and I want to dye it purple, I have some Fiebings and wonder if the contact would hold and how should I finish it so the color doesn't run/streak or ruin through weather? Oh yeah she does plan on using the bow for target practice, so I need a finish that won't crack. Thanks
  12. Anyone knows what happened to the post that had patterns? I haven't been on the boards in over a month, was wondering if they all ever got posted.
  13. Thanks for the advice guys, don't have a sander, kinda scares me to do it that way, I think I might take off too much. I have a skiver, like sanding I think I took off a bit too much even with gentle strokes, but I'll try that again. I'll look up the burnish method, saw that pin on finishing edges.
  14. I searched the forums but didn't see much about this topic. What's the best way to smooth out the back side of leather, I bought a side to make armor with, the middle section is pretty good, but some of the outer areas are a bit rough, I used a boning to try to smoothe it out, but it only does so much. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. I just started buying from Springfield and I can't seem to find the post, but someone mentioned that Springfield honored Tandy's Gold Membership, and SURE ENOUGH THEY DID!!! . That saved me even more money that I don't really have. I started looking for a new place to shop, only because I was getting gouged, not the fault of Tandy, by Shipping costs and Tax. I live in NYC and Tandy's store is way the F out there for me, about a 6 hr drive, so I can't just pop in there and have to suffer both tax and shipping costs. Springfield is such a great company to deal with, their shipping costs seem cheaper as well for some odd reason, I bought a side skirt and a bunch of tools, vs Tandy where shipping was a few bucks more for almost the same stuff i put in my cart. Over all my experience with Springfield has been amazing, cheaper prices, friendly people, saved even more money using my Tandy Gold membership. I love that company, gonna get more stuff from them, though I'll still shop at Tandy when they have stuff on sale, like .39 cent buckles, even with tax and shipping some prices couldn't be beat.
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