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  1. Hello everyone here is my review on my new SK which I purchased from Bulgaria-based tool maker and leather worker - Sergei Neskromniy. Some of you probably already know him from Leatherworker Magazine.
  2. I buy tooling leather from Paul Patricks, so far it is cheapest in the UK, most affordable and very good quality leather, here is the copy-paste from e-mail I have received from Paul. Delivery is very quick and I know he even sends leather abroad (Russian, Europe, USA). He also has English Bridle leather at very competitive prices.
  3. Thank you for those who looks positive about this thread I don't really expect much, but I won't regret about opening this thread. Please stop trying to convince me that I made a silly step. Who knows maybe the special one is already reading it and thinking same way and soon going to text me his first "Hello Aika". I will only regret if I would not leave this door open for that special man to step in into my life. I don't believe in doing nothing and just rely on fate, I prefer to do something for it, the rest is in God's hands. I understand that I am not a 50 pound/dollar note, so everyone should like/love/adore me instantly, especially in such tough environment as leatherworkers group , but who cares? Do you? I don't. We only live one life and should enjoy every day we have. During last two years, while I am in leatherwork, I met so many good people, so many talented, made so many good friends!!!! I heard so many stories about friendship and love, I know few couples around the Globe who do leatherwork together as the family... why should I exclude myself from this circle when my belonging is obvious to me and other members of this community/circle.
  4. I once went to Singles speed dating event... I was so impressed so next day I tooled this.
  5. For God sake!!!! Wise man please leave technical things to me and to that man who choose to send me a message, big things always start from small "hello" ))) skype, facebook, telegraph or ancient system of signs through smoke fire... we will find the way, if he likes me he will find ways to say that, if he wants to be closer - airports are open. I already lived in several countries and distance does not freaks me out. Thank you for your blessings. I don't really care if this thread looks absurd and ridiculous to you, you are married and you are off my list. There is a place only for one man, and only one man should see this okay.
  6. Reading this I only can think I could be married now for 19 years already if only my 1st husband would still be around... and I would probably take my happy marriage for granted and give away to single people simple advices about "go socialise and meet some real people" and think how smart I am.... oh people...
  7. This topic is turning in "lets lecture her on how to date men" ) I dont really noticed what ferg said, neither found anything insulting,I only noticed that you are too snoby to me? not sure if right word. if you don't take me serious I wont whip and cry, I take you easy ;-) yet you are trying to convince me how wrong I am advertising myself here... I just want to be happy, like all singles in my age. if you didn't notice irony in my words about cooking and being pretty sorry not my fault, it was an irony about men, most of you look for good cook and attractive outlook, non of you think what is she like when you see boobs ))))) Anyway, right man comes in right time, I believe in it.. probably it is not my time... at least not on this forum, and my mr the only one will be found somewhere else, and he won't be a leatherworker.
  8. Let me explain myself, so I hope it would eliminate some funny comments. I am 37 y.o., I was married, widowed, I have two big children, and I am good looking, in fact I am very good looking even in my workshop scruffy cloth and apron. I have university degree, speak several languages, worked 15 years in oil and gas, have no immigration problems, and pay my bills myself, my leatherwork craft is highly sell-able. I have no problem with finding men in real life at all... in other words I am not desperate for a man who is the leather-worker. But Mr "the only one" is only one and I would love him to be "think alike" or at least have same interests, just like my parents who are both engineers and designers, when I look at them I understand they don't need friends or a company, because they are perfect company for work, for life and fun,they are like strings of guitar who are tuned into same melody, I admire them. For old men - nova days people do meet over internet, it is normal as it was in your days to meet someone in pub. Internet is like a big pub or a street, where people say hello to each other more openly. My friend(same age as me) in Kazakhstan met her future British husband over Facebook, for over one year they were visiting each other, sending messages, exchanging presents... next week is their wedding, I wish them all the best, because they are two nice people who were brave enough to meet each other over Internet.
  9. What a man... and you also my friend on FB... I will go to delete you.
  10. Moderator can delete this post if they want, it seems men here are too shy or already deeply married. I am off. thanks everyone who participated.
  11. old, hairless and fat men usually say they are spies lol
  12. [smirking smile] as you wish manly man
  13. I have spent so much money on dating sites over last 7 years so I would rather pay here but... most men are shy and timid, among all men showed here only one person was brave to show his face and add me on FB. I am afraid if such section will exist on this forum, only brave or desperate single women will be there...
  14. Reading "50 years leather" --- hmmm, too old for me, what is he doing here?. .. Interestingly but on FB few couples met over leather-work topics , now live together, married and make little leatherworkers... is it so bad? why this forum cannot be like this?
  15. Sure, the egg that is very expensive and talks back )))))))))
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