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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the filletuse used for?

    1. mcholbrook2810


      Disregard just looked them up on their site. How much is shipping to Tucson AZ in the US? Zip code 85737

  2. Will sell both creasers together for $100 CAD
  3. File sizes are too large for the website
  4. Osborne #84 bench skiver - $450 CAD - Open to offers Blanchard Adjustable edge creaser - $60 CAD Blanchard filletuse $70 CAD Shipping extra Images here: https://imgur.com/a/K0vPw6p Also have a set of Blanchard 4mm number stamps from Rocky Mountain Leather I will let go for $60 CAD Thanks
  5. Images Used only a few times, basically new, asking $70 USD Thanks
  6. Thank you for all your advice this was really helpful, I read it multiple times. I bought some decent tools from leathercrafttools.com I think will get the job done, 1-5mm round hole punch, 4 and 5 mm oval punch, and a 35mm english point strap end punch. I can't really invest in multiple sides of bridle to cut from ATM so I'm going to go with buying some 1 1/4" straps from buckleguy where I'll also get my hardware. Anyone know If I go with heel bar buckles will I have enough material left at the end of my straps to make keepers from? They're 55-60" long.
  7. Anyone know what size oblong punch and belt hole punch I'll need?
  8. Hello, I'm interested in starting to make some belts and wondering if anyone can give me the run down on the basic tools I'll need. Not planning on doing any stitching to these. I have an older table mounted Osborne 86 skiver, strap cutter, edging and burnishing tools... - I will need an oblong punch / slot punch? multiple sizes? - Hole punch for rivets/chicago screws? and belt holes? size? - Strap End Punch, do these work on most width straps? Anything else? Thanks
  9. Would you point me in the direction where I can find some by chance? I'm looking for a black / grey pepper colour
  10. Wow that's awesome I might have to try that.
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to design a camera strap for my girlfriend who is a photographer but I'm having trouble deciding on what material to line it with that will be comfortable for long periods of time. I really like the look of grey wool but I think it will be too scratchy on the neck...
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