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  1. Pictures of the Adler Treadle Base. If you need more contact m, Thanks Bryan
  2. I ordered some more needles and some poly thread. The thread doesn't seem to be dry. I bought it last winter but who knows how long it sets on the shelf before you buy it. I ordered needles in sizes 16 thru 24 for the consew 135x17. I've got 20 and 22s for the patcher. Hell I'll throw enough money at it till I figure it out. Enough money equals $20 maximum. Thank you guys again for the help. Bryan
  3. Hello everybody, Been away from sewing a bit the last few months but its winter again here in Montana so I'm back. I was putting some leather elbows on my coat and the the bonded nylon #69 and 138 both frayed in the eye of the needle. It did this on my Consew 287 and the 29-4. Is it me or the thread I'm using? The needles are set correctly and I have oil in the wick for the thread so.........It doesn't do this when I sew just leather together. Leather plus carhart equals problem. Any suggestions? Thanks Bryan
  4. Hello everybody, I've got an Adler Long Arm treadle base for sale. It is in good condition minus the paint. I would like to trade for whatever. I'm in Montana. I'll get pic soon. e -mail me if your interested. blawless2012@gmail.com Thanks Bryan
  5. That should fit. I don't have an extra though. I'm going to list a base for a long arm Adler. Had a 29-4 on it but the 29 was mounted to a board and the board to the base. Send these guys a pm to see if they still have the. If not check feebay, Bryan
  6. Hello, Do you have any idea what you want to trade for? I'm in Montana, north of Billings. I have a lot of stuff though shipping would be involved. To list a few are a Honda 2005 model crf450r, racing dirt bike. Never raced less than 100 hours total time. 1990ish 150 black max, mercury, power head and no lower unit. 1991 ford explorer 4x4, Lincoln Welders sa200 and sa250. Miller Thunderbolt buzzbox, Century wire feed welder. Singer 29-4. Champion treadle stand with the bicycle style peddle treadle. Numerous antiques, farm equipment. You can get ahold of me at blawless2012@gmail.com or call me at home 406-674-5465ThanksBryan
  7. Anybody know which feet interchange on the 287. Will the 206,227, etc,etc fit my 287? Thanks in advance Bryan blaw
  8. Does anybody have a 29-4 base they want to get rid of or trade. Or do you know of any other vintage style bases to hold a cylinder bed machine? Bryan blaw
  9. To the esteemed sewing gurus: Can anybody tell me what singer or any clones that will swap parts onto my consew 18. I need a face/end plate for it and am unable to afford them. Cowboy Bob at Toledo quoted the best price but my children would still have to eat stale bread and ramen noodles for the next several months. I found a model 18 consew for 300.00 , including the table and all but if I show up with another machine.... well hell you know what happens if your married. So, for the love of god, if you have a junk 18 or parts that will fit please help. My children thank you all in advance. If nothing else I will have to take my children out of school and put them to work in the coal mines to be able to afford the parts that I so desperately need. p.s. does anybody know if they still enforce child labor laws in Montana? Bryan, aka blaw
  10. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the consew 225 for making chaps, breast collars or similar items. I can also pick up a 255 for about the same money. 600 ish Thanks blaw
  11. blaw

    Consew 18

    do you still have the consew 18?
  12. blaw

    Singer 16-88 For Sale

    I'm a little late but do you still have the 16? blaw
  13. Do you have a conse18 or singer 16 machine or parts. I need a faceplate/endplate. Any help would be appreciated. blaw
  14. I don't know alot but I hear alot of good things about the consew. They seem to be very popular.
  15. If anyone can help I need the face plate for a model 18 consew. I am told these are copies of the singer 16 or 116. If you know where to go or if another clone part will fit I would appreciate the help. Otherwise this is soon to be for sale or a boat anchor.
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