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    I am an active duty Marine, part time artist. I have been mixing up my media a lot lately. Aspiring tattoo artist on the side, and got into leather working recently. I love the additional outlet to release creative energy!

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  1. A friend gave me a "Viking Chair", I have also seen them called "Bog Chairs". Anyway, I did a little Viking themed leather embellishment for it, you know...to dress it up. Hope you like it!
  2. Yetiusmc

    Skateboard top

    What kind of antique is that? I love the contrast. Great job!
  3. Yetiusmc

    Skateboard top

    So very sick....Love it!
  4. Had a go at a handbag for my wife. I like how the tooling turned out, but after that I think it kinda went down hill. Made a cool little pigskin liner, when the bag was sewn up, the liner was a bit too big so out it came! Better luck next time I guess!
  5. Yetiusmc

    Chalk Bag

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
  6. Awesome color and great tooling! Looks great!
  7. Yetiusmc

    Chalk Bag

    I had some really crappy Tandy leather that was on clearance I bought sight unseen. I didnt want to use it on any GOOD projects, so I threw this little chalk bag together using what I had. Basically, it is for a running club where the hare goes and lays a trail of chalk, and everyone follows it, then drinking and debauchery follows. Anyway, here it is!
  8. I like it a lot. Simplistic and has an old world feel to me. Well done!
  9. Yetiusmc

    Japanese Mask

    Great work. As always Cy. Love the colors. And the style, New skool japanese...very nice.
  10. I like how the lining turned out. How did you get it formed so well with the parring? What is the padding made from?
  11. Yetiusmc

    Biomech 3.2

    Great job Cyrex! I love your colors man!
  12. I like it! Simple design. Somewhat minimal and clean.
  13. Yetiusmc

    My Weight Belt

    And it's done. Finally.
  14. Yetiusmc

    My Weight Belt

    Mostly Fiebings, except the yellow. That was Angelus. I have let Eco Flo ruin too many of my projects! Thanks for the compliments!
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