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  1. Hey Monica,

    Was just oogling your Etsy merch and website products.  That Satchel with the Robin Egg Blue lining is freaking amazing.  Drop dead gorgeous.



    1. MonicaJacobson


      Hey Clyde, nice to hear from you! Whatcha been doing these days? I took a year of not doing much leatherworking and being distracted trying to make a jacket (not quite successful yet, as it doesn't fit, lol), but I'm trying to get into it again.  Plus we moved, and I now have actual shop space! Just not finished yet. The second pic is how it looked a month ago, so it's coming along. 




    2. Reegesc


      Very nice.   Just love your work.   I've been off and on with leather work.   I get bored with it too easily. It's a big boredom circle that goes from leather to jewelry to guitar and back again to leather.  BUT, I think I've just added a new boredom base, making it four bases-- that's a baseball diamond.    Film Making.  Yes, film making.  Check out this Very Short Film I just uploaded.  




      It's dumber than dirt but fun....


    3. MonicaJacobson


      LOL, that's awesome. My kids were like, what is that???

      Hey, I think it's good to diversify interest. Keeps things fresh! 

  2. I'm interested in this too because my fabric sewing machine is doing it, except once every 10 stitches.
  3. I don't think it's embedded, I think they used a creaser to crease a line right inside the stitch line. Probably before they stitched. Maybe with a double creaser, and then stitched inside.
  4. Once you've put wax, etc. on the edges, paint won't stick for more than a month or two. You might want to start over with a clean edge. Also, if the leather isn't very good you might still not get a clean edge with edge paint. But it will help a lot. People use it on exotic leathers, which often have rough edges.
  5. This one looks really nice, James. I remember the first one you did, and this one looks like what it was trying to be.
  6. Very cool, I especially like that gusset style. Still haven't tried that method. I just ordered from webbing from bigduckcanvas, but they only have white or black, and I haven't seen it yet or used it before, so I can't comment on quality. I just saw a newsletter from abbeyengland saying they have all sorts of colors of webbing.
  7. Wow, my favorite part is the glove.
  8. Cool bag, I love the piping. One thing you could do is line the straps so the back side matches the front. Wouldn't take too long for that length.
  9. LOL, on several counts. No, sorry, I didn't see that, and yes, it's all the funnier since if I tried to make boots they'd look .... terrible. Have you been to the Ft. Worth Tandy? It's pretty sweet, but then again it's the face of the company store, as that's where the first one came from. Tandy is cool, and what they do (or could potentially do) is very valuable, but I stopped using their leather when it started having tire tracks on it. Give me Maverick any day. I expect benefits and sorry, minimum wage isn't going to cut it.
  10. BTW, @cseeger -- your boots have come a long way in what, eight months? Keep it up! I don't have the inclination myself at the moment, but I'm impressed with anyone who does.
  11. I tried dying something gray and the brown of the leather eventually showed through with age. I'd go with drum dyed, if I were you. There are some gray leathers available at maverickleathercompany right now.
  12. Hey Monica,

    Hmmm.  Well I'm confused.  I thought I saw a post by you asking about storing leather in plastic bags and the risk of attracting mold and I went to respond to tell you about another thread that might address your question, but it doesn't appear that it was you who asked the question and now I can't find the post.  Weird.   But I was also going to tell you about an email I received from Acadia Leather, so let's  move on to that.  

    So they are advertising a restock of their "Peruvian Mahogany York" leather.  (Man, talk about getting carried away with branding, lol).  I thought it was gorgeous and ordered a $58 side which is on it's way to me.  As  I was eyeballing this fancy-named good-looking leather I was reminded that you're always on the lookout for horse fronts and this just struck me as a similar type leather and thought  you might like  to know abut it.

    So, now you know.  :-)


    ps.  You've been really quiet for like....forever.   Things going your way?

    Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 8.43.38 PM.png

    1. MonicaJacobson


      Nope! Wasn't me! I've already got my leather stored in roles in horizontal rods all up one wall. NOT in plastic bags. 

      Wow, the PMyork looks sweet! I'm definitely drawn to thin, shiny (but not too shiny) leathers right now, and that looks perfect. Thanks for the headsup. 

      Oh, not much going on. In fact, that's pretty much the problem. I haven't really made anything new, just more of the same, and not as much of that as usual because I've been gone on a lot of family trips and then obsessively reading through my latest lengthy book series find. ;) What have you been up to? Still working on shoes? I've been keeping up with things via e-mail a bit, since I'm subscribed to various parts of the forum. 

    2. Reegesc


      Hey Monica.  As it turns out I had also ordered a piece of Horween Chromexcel Horse Butt from Springfield around the same time just to see what all the hub bub was over the Horween.  They both arrived a few days ago and I tell ya I can't tell the difference between the two.   So that's $25 for a piece of Horween (about 2 sf) versus $58 for ~ 15 sf side of the PMY.   Can't beat that price for this quality.  Really amazing.   I'm going to order a couple more sides myself.    

      As for what I've been up to, I came with a cool imitation croc pattern for belts that turned out really nice.  Check it out.  


  13. Monica,


    What is your source for the lever catches that you use on your horween Bag -- if myou would kindly share.


    Thank you.

    Cowboy colonel

    1. MonicaJacobson


      Hey, which bag? I get most of my stuff from Ohio Travel Bag. 



    2. cowboycolonel


      Thank you.  I will try them.  I was talking about the lever closure

    3. MonicaJacobson


      Yes, that's from Ohio Travel Bag.

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