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  1. Thanks all - we used a pair of pliers to grip the bobbin case and turn it. Just a small piece of thread stuck under the case. Appreciate all the help.
  2. Does anyone have experience with clearing out stuck thread in a JUKI 1508/LU-563N? Here's a picture of the thread stuck under the bobbin case. I can't seem to remove the bobbin case at ALL. I can turn the handwheel and the case itself spins just fine. Picture of the jam:
  3. rhinez0r

    Techsew 2750 Pro

    Selling Techsew 2750 pro - ideal for heavyweight items such as leather and canvas. I've had it for 3 years, good working order. Local technician looked it over and it's good to go. You must pick up from our workshop. Asking $2,000 CAD, Must pickup from my workshop in Nelson BC, Canada. Features: - Compound walking-foot feeding mechanism - Sews up to 3/8" thick leather - SmartServo-NP needle position motor - TLG laser guide - Swing down roller guide - Flatbed table attachment - Includes table & adjustable speed SmartServo-NP needle position motor
  4. rhinez0r

    Landis SS6 Splitter

    Better safe than sorry, thanks Bruce. I will give them a call and update this thread with my experience
  5. rhinez0r

    Landis SS6 Splitter

    Thanks for taking the time to write that thoughtful reply Bruce. You certainly made me appreciate this beast more. I'm primarily splitting weights of 5 and 6oz leather, my understanding is that the roller bars should be adjusted for this type of work. Could you show me where the top screws are located? I only have oil wells at the top and bolts everywhere else. Here are some more pictures:
  6. rhinez0r

    Landis SS6 Splitter

    Just had this splitter delivered today, it's brand new and adjusted at the factory. I'm having some problem splitting veg tan/dublin. I gauge the leather at 6oz and I want to skive it down to 4oz or 5oz. Yet, I can't seem to get it to feed through the machine.The only way I can feed is if the splitter is gauged to 3oz or lower. Machine didn't come w/ instructions, nobody is in their office at Landis and all I can find online are Landis 30 instructions.. but they are a bit obtuse for me. Anybody have suggestions?
  7. rhinez0r

    Skiver Servo Motor won't stop!!

    Hey thanks! The motor is still under warranty, I think I isolated it to the circuit board. The RPM can't be adjusted, we took the safety plate off and the spinning wheel just rubs against the brake pad and almost starts to smoke. Since the sensor isn't "sensing" and the RPM dial isn't working I must assume it's a circuit issue. I'm actually in the market for more thread and supplies, so I may hit up Masons either way =)
  8. rhinez0r

    Skiver Servo Motor won't stop!!

    Control arm ok, nothing slipped or bent. I am wondering if it its an electrical issue with circuit board. Anywhere we can find more information?
  9. Anyone have experience fixing a variable speed servo motor? It was working fine yesterday, but now when I turn on my machine it won't stop running. It's a 550w variable speed servo motor.. should I just get it replaced?
  10. I picked up a C.S. Osborne 86 Splitter, but the blade is dull. So I bought some DMT DiaSharp Diamond Stones to fix that problem. Only issue is.. I can't seem to get the blade sharp! I'm using the 8" 600x, 1200x and 8000x Diamond Stones. Any pointers?
  11. rhinez0r

    Splitting Chromexcel

    Hey folks, any suggestions on what kind of machine I can use to split 5 & 6oz leather down to 3oz? Would a Cobra Class 14 work?
  12. rhinez0r

    Skiving Watch Straps?

    Hey all, I've been doing my watch strap ends with the Tandy Safety beveller, but I wonder if there's a better way? I skive the ends where they wrap around for the pin and buckle. Could I use a machine like this splitter to get more uniform skives? I'm working with 4oz CXL as well. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. rhinez0r

    Techsew Splitter

    Noticed that it looks almost identical to the Tandy:
  14. rhinez0r

    Techsew Splitter

    Does anyone have an opinion on this? http://shop.raphaelsewing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=95_96&products_id=838 Looking to pick one up, but there isn't much information out there.
  15. rhinez0r

    Marks From Hole

    I'll try that! Thanks & Merry Christmas