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  1. just to post my machine adjusted for 5 spi, as requested
  2. i have bought the servo motor rex 550 , and pout a 2 inch Wheel on it , and it is a miracle , lol ... the motor in idle ,doesn`t have any sound and no vibration , excellent , now i have to find a way to adjust my tension with 138 thread, can i put size 69 in bobbin , and on top size 138 thread , anyone ,
  3. page 10 and 11 page 12 to 14 thank you , singer 111 page 10.pdf singer 111 page 11.pdf singer 111 page 12.pdf singer 111 page 13.pdf singer 111 page 14.pdf
  4. page 4 to 6 page 7 to 9 singer 111 page 4.pdf singer 111 page 5.pdf singer 111 page 6.pdf singer 111 page 7.pdf singer 111 page 8.pdf singer 111 page 9.pdf
  5. Singer 111W556 , Book pdf , sorry my book is stained by oïl , so pages look translucent . but if it can help someone , following pages Singer 111W556 , Book pdf , sorry my book is stained by oïl , so pages look translucent . but if it can help someone , singer 111 page 1.pdf singer 111 page 2.pdf singer 111 page 3.pdf
  6. Hello ! Thank s for the reply , i have purchased the machine and the table , did some cleaning up ,,,and i am very pleased with my purchase , i did put the wron g number , because it has a instruction book with 111w156, but on machine the tag says 111G156 , anyway i will pst the picture , i surely need a servo motot and speed reducer , i did tried a leather point needle , with a small gudebrod upholestry thread and boy it has power , mmm i need to change the motor , and maybe some thread tension , it does have setting at 7 stich per inch , powerful that machine , i will take some picture and start shopping for a servo motor and speed reducer , like you said ,,,i tought that i only need a servo motor i will let you know , Thank You Constabulary That Is great of you for your Reply
  7. i have the opportunity to buy for 250$ ,, a Singer 111w556 , machine , anybody can tell me , if it is good for what i am mostly , do : veg tan dog collar , sewing felt to 7 oz , Buffalo hides,,,any info will be greatly apreciated,,, maybe sewing easy billfod , wallet ????
  8. Champion Leather Splitter , 6 inch blade , already posted on Ebay , so Make offer , as pictured , everything run smoothly , was cutting fine with my belt strap , but the blade can use a good sharpennning , anyway sold in as is condition , the handle was brazed for reenforcement and repair , not affecting use of it , no broken teeth , as is condition , Paypal only , Pick up is Well encouraged for Canadian , Here in Montreal , otherwise it will be shipped expedited parcel with tracking number , , or UPS C.O.D with your UPS account #, from here in Montreal ,the Splitter is heavy , 59 pds , Open to Any Offers
  9. i have for sale a New , Never Used , punch hole press ,for $ 100 for the Set , as pictured with 3 screw top punches included , with a brass base , other dies are available on ebay , this is sold as a finale sale , heavy 20 $ shipping to USA , Canada , Paypal Only , please feel free to ask any questions relating to this tool
  10. I did list the splitter on ebay yesterday , already got some bids ,so the splitter is sold from now on, as an auction ,ending in 9 days ,thank you for your interest
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