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  1. For sure. I see you’re in china so are you a manufacturer trying to wholesale these? What are they made of or are they stamped steel NP like the old ones?
  2. Is the s-11 an older machine? They don’t make parts for many machines anymore but they helped me track down an old stand up machine once. Nick is super helpful
  3. Thanks for making me feel welcome everyone. It does affect the tone somewhat but it doesn't dampen it as much as you would think. Depends on the style of guitar of course which will have more or less affect on the dampening but the tighter the better with these. This one's super tight. Also people going for these are more trying to look good out in front of a band so its so much an aesthetic thing but when you're playing live you're mostly hearing the sound of the pickup, much less the acoustic qualities of that guitar on stage but as a bonus these wraps help to fight feedback when playing a larger room.
  4. Check out https://leatherstampstools.com/28-steel-stamps He'll also make you custom wheels
  5. Check out https://leatherstampstools.com/28-steel-stamps
  6. Hi everyone. Its been years away from this forum figured it would be beneficial to get back to learning from you all. Here's an acoustic wrap I made this spring. I've done a handful of telecasters and I gotta say I prefer doing those which I can just permanently lace on as opposed to doing it removable with a zipper like this one. I'd imagine there are at least a few other people on here who do leather wraps as well. I'd love to know what you guys think of this. There are definitely a few areas in the pattern and construction that I can improve on for the next one.
  7. I've been doing jewels for my current run of em on the oval buckles for the past couple weeks. I talked to Smoky last week about it all too shortly after posting this haha. Thanks for all the help John. What kind of stuff are you working with off of his store?
  8. Yeah I've been getting them from there for a little while already thanks! Just looking for that square buckle
  9. I've been doing reproduction western dress/novelty belts for some time and have found some sources for some of the buckles from the era but one design still eludes me, this 1 3/4"square clipped corner buckle, the one in the first two pictures. I know that there are reproduction buckles made out there but can't for the life of me find anyone who makes them. They come in mainly single prong but also double prong. I was wondering if anyone knew of who makes them or has any leads on where I might find them. Im doing a run of these belts for a denim company and i would love to find these. Thanks
  10. Man I've been having the same problem... I had to reset my timing which fixed the problem of it picking up the thread on my Cobra 4 for a while but now the thing just wont stitch and the needle is pulling my work up each stitch while only making holes, not stitching. The I can pull the bobbin thread up while prepping to stitch but its not grabbing at all while I stitch. Also really hating that this is on a weekend and I cant just call steve. Any advice would help. Heres a vid of the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ziwot3NiVhQ&feature=youtu.be
  11. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just got a Cobra 4. What a machine. I picked it up from the shop last week and have been using it a few days. I actually initially went on this forum to fix a previous problem so thank you very much for the help already Anyways here's the problem and some questions: https://www.youtube....player_embedded I began having the thread jam yesterday while working on a messenger. I would get maybe 10 stitches into the thing and the thread would begin to twist a bit and kink and then a couple stitches later it would skip a stitch. I'd stop and fix it and then go on. The third time though it really jammed and I had to remove the shuttle hook and bobbin. I took out the jammed thread and put it all back together and now the problem is that the top thread won't hook the bobbin thread to take it up and out. I took a video of the thing and will post a link. After maybe 20 tries it finally hooked it but when I began stitching, the top thread wouldnt hook the bobbin thread and it only punched holes. So if you guys could help me out with this problem of it not picking up the bobbin thread and whatever is causing the thing to not stitch properly (the same problem I assume) I would greatly appreciate it. Couldnt get a word back from the Leather Machine today and ive got some projects I'd really love to be working on right now. Thanks so much.
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