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  1. This is beautiful. So clean and finished, the edging is perfect, it looks manufactured. Would love to see the interior with that pig skin lining! And an upclose of the handle! You designed this yourself? To die for! Love it!
  2. Wiz, If someone anticipated being in this situation again, would a needle feed machine be just as useful for such purposes? (Singer 212 set up as single needle) I am considering selling the 212 and 29-4 to purchase a cylinder arm machine.
  3. Well Im glad you said that... After again finding it impossible to use my 29-K, I decided to just buy a cylinder arm. But I couldn't deal with the test and sew, rinse repeat. I need something reliable and consistent. Sewing fairly thin 2-3oz embossed and other leather. Some lamb if I ever get different feed dogs. May be I was giving it mor ethat it could chew?
  4. Thank you Undeberg:) NO helmet needed so it was careful attentiveness and communication where possible that helped. Its been 4 months, should be healed now but no more CAT scans to find out LOL.... Saddles... that's my guilty interest. I keep an old english one aroun din case I feel liek deconstructing one day. Also nostalgia:)
  5. Thanks! I bought it ready to go with a 3/4 servo motor, its at its slowest setting so I'm all good there. I am terrified of adjusting the bobbin tension, heck, I can hardley get the thing back in after. Not accustomed to a horizontal loaded bobbin... OMG the curse words that came out of my mouth my husband was laughing! BUt, if it must be then it must be.
  6. That will fix my tension problems won't it... Thank you, really nice of you to take your time to tell me that, nice collars!!!
  7. I don't know alot about many subjects on this site, but this I know. I have worked with both real Fl Gator hide and lots of highest quality , made to order, aniline dyed embossed in my shop. That is undoubtedly embossed cowhide. Many things to say about total lack of scars or buttons on the hide, although possible, not typical.. Most importantly to me is the double belly scales on the bottom lol. As you said Oakley, something did'nt sit right with you about the bottom. It's the fact that gators only have one belly, and the gusset is cut from a piece of leather with the side portion of the pattern devising two belly's. I know this is a really old post... but
  8. Thank you David I am from Ocala raised on a thoroughbred farm:) Guess I need to get up there and learn my new tool...
  9. Thank you so much for this!!! I am thinking of venturing up to my lair to make these very adjustments...so kind of you to take your time to advise!! After further reading, apparently the position of the needle makes a difference before hitting the reverse lever.. did not consider that. I was just randomly and gleefully depressing the lever irrespective of positioning just to watch it reverse!
  10. Please let me start with "Hello", and I'm sorry for the bother.... I started this journey a year ago and found leatherworker.net when first searching online for " sewing machines that sew leather" Since then I have purchased a SINGER 212g140 ( but only set up as a single needle ) and a SINGER 29-4( an old patcher in good working condition!) ( that I cannot get to sew a straight line so I just keep because I think its awesome:) I sold my truck to purchase supplies and leather to start a business to help support my special needs daughter ( I am still employed, my husband is employed, and we have two other vehicles) I knew one day I would have to stay home with her, which actually happened 5 months ago when she fractured her skull. I am very fortunate to be able to work from home now- but it is difficult at best to leave the house with her to learn anything. My biggest adventures out of the house are trips to Tandy on Saturday mornings:) I literally knew NOTHING about sewing or leather or my chosen craft when I started this journey.. my ultimate goal was to make supplemental income to fund special schools and therapy that I knew would be needed. ( I refuse to let others pay for my responsibility when I am capable of doing so myself, ie tax payer money....)This was what made sense to me. I wasn't going to try a pyramid scheme or selling avon if you know what I mean. It had to be working from home, so forgive me if you are wondering " why the heck would she choose this without existing skill or a source of apprenticeship?" Any who, here I am, a room full of top quality leather, much custom ordered, when I decided that if I was going to finally take the big leap I had to purchase a top quality machine made for this purpose. A walking foot with NO ISSUES OR SERVICE NEEDED. With REVERSE. So I bit the bullet and ordered a brand new CONSEW 206rb-5. It arrived Tuesday, smelling of oil and with its test strip of fabric underneath its feet. After setting up, I began to sew( although intimidated and Leary of injuring the beast) and to my dismay a few things... ( here I finally get to the point... but please understand I am self taught, have read every manual, searched every thread, and every available youtube video.. and am still at a loss and begging for your expertise...) In reverse it seems to twist and loop its thread?!? and barely get into the same holes? I thought this machine could accurately pierce the same holes made when sewing forward directions???? It looks like crud! And I am far to inept to correct the issue myself:( Now I am reduced again to twisting my work backwards to back tack, which is what I purchased this machine to avoid. Further, GOOD GRIEF the amount I have had to tighten the top tension when switching to 2-3oz leather ( doubled up to make 4-6)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And If I backtack more than once the top thread breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? Tears flowing.......:*( I just cannot see why I would have to adjust the bobbin tension, and certainly I do not know more that the dealer that set it up! I had to adjust the top because the bottom thread lies flat across the bottom on the thick leather. Using 69 bonded nylon thread top and bottom, dpx17 needle, and tears to lubricate ...sigh... thank you for any help you can offer. I know that no one wants to feel bad for someone with a brand new machine, more like I don't deserve it if I cannot operate it properly. I know its my error, but have no one to teach me.
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