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  1. Cool! ... but how do I get the picture of a nose out of my brain
  2. thank you all the only color I had by hand was mahagoni-wood stain the edges are coatet with thinned white-glue and polish-polish-polish-polish- Antique-wax + saddlesoap for the finish, and finally a fine shoe brush with (very) little black polish on it. I like if leather looks as already used forever
  3. thanks for the nice words. the light ist a fenix ld01 (stainless steel edition), i bought online some days ago. sorry for my bad english, but i am not sure if i understand your question about the hardware the right way if you mean the leatherman charge: i got it at a local dealer more than 10 years ago. if you mean the fastener: most the time i order my leather stuff at Rickert (german store) greetings juergen
  4. i like the simple and straight design of this sheath
  5. far away from perfect, but i´m happy Greetings Juergen
  6. 've dug out an old watch and "revitalized" it with a new strap. Since I had no leather color I use wood stain. Worked like a charm. This time, without any seams. Rivets, eyelets and white-glue exclusively.
  7. a few companions i made the past 25 years. The backpack and one of the tobacco pouches are the oldest things.
  8. Thank you for this great tutorial! Just finished my new "EveryDayBeltBag"
  9. JuF

    Hello From Germany

    Thank you for welcome.
  10. Hi, my Name is Juergen, 48 years old and i live near Lahr (Black Forest) in Germany. Please forgive my bad english, there is just a little school english left and some words i need during my it-business. First i want to give a big THANK YOU for all the Inspiration i found here the last days reading for my future little "projects" Working with leather is not complete new for me, my dad was tanner and so i grewed up with a lot of leather stuff around me. Here are the last little things i made: thank you for reading juergen
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