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    RC Trucks 1/5 scale RC Planes and now Leather Work

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    I have none but wanting to learn
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    belts- belt buckles- hat bands- wallets- checkbook covers
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  1. Thanks for that Thanks for that
  2. Has anyone heard of a supreme sewing mach And if so can you supply any info on it there is no serial # or model # on it. Has a 1hp motor on it.
  3. http://s949.photobucket.com/user/mayorpc/media/20170330_114152_zpswhml9h4r.jpg.html?filters[user]=107856486&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=4 Here are the pictures of the machine
  4. Looking for information about this sewing machine. It is a Supreme machine, I can not find a model number any where, it has 1/2 hp 110 volt. Any info. is helpful tried to post pictures but get them to upload to large file.
  5. Does any one Know the date in 1966 when the IFOLG was first est. ?
  6. Your from lower Michigan , you should try to make it down to Fort Wayne in this week end to the IFOLG show you'll see alot of the Country's best leather workers there. It is being held at Hotel Fort Wayne
  7. papaw

    Blood Knot

    I heard about it the other day. I just use a wood spade bit with the point cut off and grind it then sharpen it, but thought I would ask about it too much. Maybe I'll try to make a set. Thanks for the site and info.
  8. I have question on best prep for snake skin, should I remove the scales or not for using the skin on a wallet. Thought there would be a lot of wear on the scales.
  9. First off people here will share info as to what to do tooling and matl. needed. I would start off looking on u tube for making leather wallets and any other items you wish to make, there are so many videos from some of the best leather workers out there today. You can then ask the questions as you need answers for, even telling you will no help if you don't understand what you are told. Also if you put the area of the country your from you make have someone in your back yard that may offer to help.
  10. Welcome I use to do wood working also and still do to make forms for molding leather. Boss is good but my .02 wait do some hand sewing first till you find you like leather and get your feet down to really know what you wish to do.
  11. papaw

    Blood Knot

    Has anyone seen a tool called Blood Knot Pliers?
  12. Oil lightly even if you have to do a couple of coats and give the oil time to migrate into the leather 24 hours or so no nice warm days. Just do rust it I have use NF for over 25 yrs on all my saddles, reins, tie downs, belly straps, etc always used lite coats till felt right to me.
  13. C.S. Osborne 1-5/8" Pinking Punch These don't come around often in these good of condition. This one is over 45 years old and is in good condition, Price is $70.00 plus shipping pay pal only. Thanks for the look!
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