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  1. Dieselpunk has some bad-ass patterns. Beautiful harness
  2. Thanks David, I appreciate the compliment...the way I have the padding/lining, your breath will not come up through the eyes. Breathing is easy, all air comes in from below and exits the same way.
  3. Thank you bikermutt. Hope it answers your questions about fitment.
  4. Needs a little cleanup. Straps are adjustable for that perfect fit.
  5. Thank you bikermutt. Much appreciated. Length isn't a problem. Sits out far enough from the face, and protects the throat all the way down to the clavicle. I'll have some better detailed pics when I get it done.
  6. Thank you msdeluca...much appreciated. This will fit the face. I'll have more pics this week. I ran outta headliner spray glue. Picking up more tomorrow. There are two adjustable straps, one for the crown of the head and one for around the back of the neck.
  7. Thank you jstar...much appreciated. I'll have more pics this week.
  8. Thank you torker. Much appreciated.
  9. American Flag Bandana Mask 5-6oz leather that I tooled, then soaked in a mixture of 1 gallon hot water from faucet and 1 cup ammonia. I let it sit for 5 minutes, then pat dried wet from surface and let it sit for 15 minutes before I started to form over a life size plastic skull I got on eBay. Once it dried I slicked the edge and used Angelus Acrylic paints. Now I will tape off edge and cover with newspaper then spray back with headliner glue and put 1mm neoprene for the lining and trim. Then rivet straps and ready to roll.
  10. Haven't posted in a while...some health issues sidelined me...but back at now and here are some of a skull mask with a lining I came up with
  11. Thought I'd give it a try on some scrap and love how this works. I have a few projects I am going to use this on. I tried to pull it apart to see the strength and almost impossible to separate because of the way the Ts mesh, and no glue. They also sit down very well if you use a cobblers hammer. Thank you for showing us your projects. Love them.
  12. mud

    Old Tandy handout

    Thank you for posting this Johanna.
  13. Another idea for a mask I had. This is going to have something else special done to it. Going to call this Jack-O-Crow...still have a ways to go with this. This is what I worked on last night...going to put antiquing gel on to hopefully help it stand out more.
  14. Very Nice! I have my idea of a set up similar to this for the breathing. It involves the lining to be like this and also create a tunnel down the middle of the mask to the bottom. Between no sleep and working on some other mask ideas, I did some searches online and found some 1/4" neoprene sheets at a local surplus store. Heading over there today and buy a few of them. If they don't look good I was also thinking about a yoga mat and getting some lycra from Joann's along with the polyester strapping.
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