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  1. Here's a nice 400 Line Finisher. I'm ready to move it out. I had posted a few months ago but I didn't have my Sutton ready yet. This has been in daily use for 30 years. Very nice old machine. I have to keep the numkeg however. Sanding wheels are all in good shape. Blower is strong, 220V. Comes with some trimmers and edge irons. Great for all kinds of leather finishing, not just shoes. Selling for $850. I can deliver up to 200 miles from 65041. Keep in mind it's long and heavy if you're coming to get it.
  2. We're changing things around in the shop and going to sell the Cobra 4. Only 5 years old, not used very much, well maintained. Comes with the removable table, set of feet, belt guide, lamp, extra bobbins. $2200. Shipping will probably run $250.
  3. I'm in Missouri. Probably take 500 for it.
  4. Pictures to follow, but I'm going to get rid of my Landis 400 line finisher since I'm upgrading. Has black and brown burnishing wheels, black and brown brushes. B Wheel sander, 1 6" wide sanding wheel, 2- 1 1/2" sanding wheels, heel trimmer, sole trimmer sets, sharpener, edge iron sets, dust collection.
  5. Do you know the tonnage? This looks it should work. It's similar to mine. I have an ACME 20 ton.
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