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  1. I will just copy/paste what I wrote earlier since this is the answer to your question: "the double handle version works between 0-20 Volts and has 190 watts unit. And the single handle tool works with 0-16 volts , 48watts power." The transformers used in the double unit are more powerful than the single one. This is what makes the whole difference. And well this is a huge difference especially when you burn edges. The single unit is good for creasing. Not so for edge finishing. It can't keep up with the continuous heat transfer to the material on high temps. There is a reason for it being cheaper. And as I said before. It is a very basic u it. No complicated electronic parts. So the concern for sending it back to get it fixed should have no part on ones decision for which unit to purchase. Such a heavy piece of machinery even if it is a single unit, it is not cost effective to send for a repair anyway due to high shipping cost back and forth. Same quality replacement transformer should cost between 60-100$ depending on the power output. And this is probably the only part that will blow up. Maybe a transistor or two if you are using it heavily
  2. No way buy two single units. Single unit and double are very different products. There is a reason why the double unit version is is triple price than one single hand unit. The power outputs are different and this is what makes a huge difference. I have disassembled the unit my self to check the components. The unit is very simple and very high quality components used during production. Anyone with mediocre electronics knowledge can fix the units without problems. What makes these units pricey is the transformers. The transformers in these units are made in USA. That's what makes them pricey.
  3. hi kidinsky, well i was looking for it for a long time also and stumbled upon a guy in a tannery, long story short he got me the right guy to talk to and i took a flight inside europe just to go and see him and to get some of this paint. unfortunately the guy is not suppose to sell it to anyone. the stahl paint that hermes uses is not the regular stahl edge paint. they make it specially for them. I bought enough to my self and and got some for people who contacted me and asked for some paint. If you are interested i will be flying to probably within the next two months. and i might get some for you also. let me know if you are interested. Take into consideration that i cant get my hands on for more than couple of liters at most. well i have not tried their product so no idea on that. But i have tried lots of rebranded products and most of the time it is just fenice plus (the thicker) paint. But fine leather working.com does sell quality products so maybe they are selling the regular stahl edge paint. I reaaaaaaaaly dont think that they were able to get their hands on the hermes edge paint and selling it. I think that i have contacted probably every distributor of stahl all over the world and probably they have all blacklisted me already ))))) , and recently got invited to stahl master workshop in france specificly for the edge finishing, apperantly they are having a sort of seminar about edge finishing. it is going to be 4 days and i am still thinking to go or not.. anyway, getting the stahl edge finishing product is really not a problem at all, you can get it in US for sure. You should be able to get it from the leather industry suppliers it is a generic product. not bad at all. tried it, but it is just not working good enough with hot glazing. it just burns out quickly and peels when you make more than one layer. it is designed to be applied by machine in one pass.
  4. the products on the picture are mine tuesday i will be ordering one more batch of products for the who ever contacted me through PM. 500ml is the smallest that i can go right now since i didn't bring with me other sizes of empty bottles (and i can not go and search for HDPA bottles )
  5. some stahl edge paint additives and 4 liters of concentrated edge paint juice used by hermes. by stahl!! made a quick test and i can definitely say that it is an amazing product!! just payed for it 300 euros + taxes. amazingly concentrated. probably if diluted with water, one can get around 10 liters of fenice like consistency product. i will be ordering a bit more. so last call, if anybody wants it, it is the time. i will not have time to deal with it after Tuesday.. cheers
  6. yup as i understand they are the oldest in france. I was thinking to visit them but unfortunately they will be closed.
  7. I will be in Paris at the end of December and wanted to buy couple of things from mando.fr Apparently they will be closed between 24.12.2014 - 05.01.2015 I will be extremely thankful to anyone living in Paris and can get the product for me, so i can meet him in Paris later on. Thanks!!
  8. DavidL: the svig type blades are nowhere near 30 degree. maybe craft type olfa blades can be closer to the svig type blades but still they are not optimal. i do own all these blades so i feel comfortable saying this. if the fact that the blade bends is what you prefer so you are happy with what you have. me, i am not happy with a blade that bends and cuts in a slight angle where i am joining two pieces together and need the to match perfectly without gaps in the edges. i cried a lot after cutting with knifes which bent to me as you say in curves and learnt my costly lesson. well but at least i have some nice display products willed with leather filler paste and 10 coats of edge paint to hide that mistake
  9. thefanninator: when i first ordered the fenice edge paint plus (the thicker viscosity) from cambpell i was sure that it was going to satisfy my needs but as you have indicated i found that it takes too many coats to get the desired effect. I don't even want to think how the non "plus" version is. However i find that the fenice product is great quality wise, but it was not what i needed. sometimes i have larger orderes and i don't have the time to play around with 5-6 coats of paint. Even though i fabricated (DIY) a drying oven it still takes too many time. If this product is going to be like my contact indicated so this will be a great timesaver no, I am not from the US, it should be clear from my english. LOL I will be flying back with the products, but for those who are interested to get some i will be sending them from there. Frankly i was sure that there will be way more interest on it since there are a lot of interest on it from what i see. looks like folks are pretty satisfied with the fenice results.. maybe we are not the smart ones here
  10. well the acrylics that he is talking about is not the fiebling acrylic resolene of-course. he is selling products made by Paule http://paule-chem.com, http://www.kendafarben.com and some Fenice www.fenice.it .these companies are some of the leading commercial leather chemicals manufacturers. They have variations for each of the products (acrylic/pigments/poly). each type of leather requires different type of product (this is acording to my understanding from that phone call and than some research i have made on the net)/ Your leather chem. supplier should match the product to your needs. If you are looking for professional grade products and not the fieblings junk (not to offend anyone) so send an email to these companies asking their distributors. Than you can move on to the smaller shops specializing in the industry. that's what worked for me..
  11. Well the phone call wıh the chem. supply guy lasted almost 30 min which he willingly explained me a lot. It was like private lesson for free.. The quality of the ostrich leather that i was getting from the tannery was superb. He told me to achive this he is using around 8 different products . Basecoat -> dye -> aniline dye -> pigment (solvent based) -> some product with a wiered name something like karenesol or something -> acrylic coat -> pigment again (non solvent type ) -> finally polyurethane top coat finish for protection He also told me that sometimes he is using a cream wax and acrylic/resin based emulsion product in two stages for a different effects as a top finish. I have ordered those creamy finishes also. So once i get my products and the undyed leather, in a week or two i will be able to post some conclusions
  12. sure. just keep in mind that they are not working on weekends.
  13. i believe the most important thing is to choose the right knife to the leather you are cutting. for vegtan and thick heavy/dense leather i find that using round knifes and olfa knifes are the right choise. but using garment leather, upholstery leather, chrome tan leather or any soft aniline like leather can result in disaster. both for your fingers and for the piece that you are working on. round head knife will not give you the controll you need for cutting soft leathers, it will slip!. and the olfa knifes are not hard enough to hold the pressure and they will bend (once you cut with bent knife you will not have a straight cit edge, instead you will have slight bevel which will need to be corrected.) I use the l'indespansible from vergez blanchard and it is the best knife i bought for soft leather. and works great on vegtan too. http://www.fineleatherworking.com/indispensable-knife (although they are selling it double the price in france which is around 20 euros) for even finer detailed work there is a knife made by SVIG (used by the most luxury leather artists around the world for fine detail cutting). it is way better than olfa since it has a better angle for cutting leather and it is a bit thicker so it wont bend. just my $0.02
  14. Amazing update after a very long time of searching for the right product. I will be in France late December and will be buying some edge paint from mando in paris. (i have explained on my other topic that their edge paint is used by LV\ goyard and some Hermes products according to mando.) Today i got a call from a contact, finally my search ends here! He will be able to source me the exact edge paint used by Hermes (specificly on belts and watch straps where heavier rubbing resistance and durability needed). He told me that this is pretty heavy viscosity product, dries pretty fast and covers amazingly. I will be flying there Thursday to buy some supply for my self and test some other products. The product is more expensive than what mando sells. Mando price is 18 euro + taxes for 1 litre. And the Stahl paint (produced specially for hermes) is 26 euro + taxes for 500ml. From what my contact explains, this is way more concentrated than fenice, berraud and supra c vernish 600 products and requires less coats. So even though the cost of the product is higher, it will be cheaper to use it since less product is needed to achieve the result. If anyone wants some product i will be willing to send you while i am there, Currently they have only the basic 14 pantone colors. They do custom colors but it takes some time and i will be there only for couple of days. If you are interested i can forward it to you guys: 30.68 euro cost of the paint 1.5 euro for the bottle seal shipping and handling - will be added based on your shipping preference. Let me know if you are interested. cheers
  15. @naz: Sure no prob. will contact you a week or so before i fly to france. How much you want? I think i will fly to paris with some empty plastic bottles so i will not need to source them in paris.
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