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  1. olenawills

    Help with Artisan strap cutter

    Thank you very much, guys. yes its a reverse nut and clockwise - down for unscrew. Actually Artisan email the answer pretty quickly as well! I also had to wait yesterday for a stronger man help! Changed my knives and everything is working fine.
  2. Hi, I need a help with the strap cutter. I bought it recently second hand and it was fine. It was standing for a couple of months and now I was planning to change the blades and can’t unscrew the nut. Please help me with the direction to unscrew, up or down?
  3. Hi, I am trying to sell my hand press from Gold star including 7 different dies, mostly for rivets, single and double sided. Press is good, no problem. I am currently adapted different tool for other tasks including rivets settings, so this one no longer needed. Link included below. Thanks for looking. Ebay link
  4. olenawills

    Inquiry about MANDO PARIS

    Bank wire transfer.
  5. olenawills

    What type of hook is this?

    I am going to use it for a handbags. I was very much inspired by Peter Nitz’s bag and thought that I can think about something like this for myself.
  6. olenawills

    What type of hook is this?

    Thanks to everyone for a lot of information. I placed an order with Abbey at the moment.
  7. olenawills

    What type of hook is this?

    Thank you very much!
  8. Sorry for late answer, but I don’t know the answer myself:) Every Leather is different and I’m just trying every time on small piece. I have adice heating tool now and settings are changing all the time accordingly to the task. One handle for creasing is not that hot as another one , for edges.
  9. Could you please help me to identify what sort of hook closure this is, how it’s calld and possibly where to find it? Many thanks. photo from this blog http://after-the-denim.blogspot.com/search?q=Hook
  10. It was a cow skin, I am buying some offcuts from local shop, they sell leather for apparel and furniture, not sure what weight, I think it good enough to be a chair or sofa as well
  11. I made it from scratch, pen, paper, ruler.
  12. Hi I absolutely love love love your bag! I'm slowly but surely learning more and more about bag making.  It's hard finding information and industry techniques that aren't designer secrets you can use to make professional looking leather bags on the internet even in the library.  Did u make your own pattern and cut it out by hand or did you have cutting dies made?  From the pics your edges look like you used a skiving mschine.  Where did you get your skiving machine from? Is the bonded leather best to use for adding structure to the leather?  Would it also be used in the front and back panels of the Celine bag in pic below? I just started making leather handbags and use mainly 3-4 oz chrome tanned sometimes smaller oz as well. I love making clutches without too much structure I like some slouchyness (if that's a word lol) to it. What would you recommend I use? I've tried gluing a second piece of leather to my exterior piece  but it's giving me too much firmness and it's hard to turn the bag inside out after sewing up lining. I'm having a problem gauging which weight or suppleness of leather to use when doing this method. I've used Pellon stabilizer before but it gave the leather a cheap stiff feeling. If you have any suggestions/recommendations I would really appreciate it. I value any input that you may have. Thanks


  13. Black Vernis 600 edge paint with electric heat tool.
  14. Guide sells bonded leather. About 20$ per yard. I go to Global leather often and to another store next door. http://www.leathersuedeskins.com yes, I do crease edges with electric tool.
  15. Yes, me too. Two leather tubes over two fingers. I was thinking about the archers gloves, but tubes work fine for now.