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  1. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    Thanks, son. And thanks to everyone else, you all have me feeling pretty good about this project.
  2. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    Here is the updated pic with the insides of the black pieces dyed. Looks a lot better. Thanks, mlapaglia, for the suggestion.
  3. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    Nothing stopping me from doing that now, there is no finish on the insides. I'll do it sometime in the near future and make with some pics. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, thanks to everyone for their comments. I appreciate it.
  4. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    The leather is 9/10 and I did glue it to a piece of plywood.
  5. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    It also has an inside section to hold the chess pieces. There is a dowel under the table to push up on to lift the chess board out.
  6. dkuehn

    Chess Set/table

    I made them up as I was going. I looked at some of the links at the bottom of this page. Man, there is some beautiful work being done on chess sets. I'd love to get even half the skills some of you folks have. There is some amazing talent here.
  7. I recently started working with leather as a hobby. I have made a couple of drink coasters out of tooling leather and decided to have a go at making a chess set. Here are some pictures of the result. I certainly learned a little while making this and hope to continue to improve my skills on future projects.
  8. Anyone know how this armor is supposed to go together? Does this look right, or do I have it all wrong? The tassets are bigger as they go toward the bottom so I assume they should layer on the outside rather than the inside.
  9. dkuehn

    Post A Picture That Inspires You!
  10. dkuehn

    Can Koozie

    Tutorial would be great.
  11. dkuehn

    Question About Veg Tanned Latigo

    Thanks, that's sort of what I thought about the tooling. I'll certainly find a use for it. Guess I'll have to head back for the correct veg tan, I think they are starting to recognize me in that store.
  12. I'm new to the leather hobby and decided to get some veg tanned leather to play around with. Yesterday I purchased some that looks like normal veg tan tooling leather but I noticed it says "veg latigo". Anyone know about this stuff? I've searched online and see that latigo is not meant for tooling or making sheaths, but I'm hoping this will work as it is "veg latigo". If not, I'm sure I can use it for something, but thought I'd ask here for opinions. Here is a link to the exact piece that I purchased yesterday. Thanks
  13. dkuehn

    Adult Section Request

    I think requesting access to the NSFW area would make for a great first post for me. Thanks.