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  1. a major point of punching both sides of the leather with the same pricking iron is to separate the pieces before doing so, so you don't literally have X slits. edit: to clarify, you would see an X if you could see through the leather
  2. I use fiebing's tan dye non-diluted all the time, and even after I apply mink oil it isn't that dark. I dip dye and wipe off the excess. Has that item dried for 24 hours?
  3. interesting; I just started a little collection of straight razors. So far I got a geneva, wade and butcher, and j.a. henckels.
  4. I have a lot of experience with this leather. It's solid, but you have to keep an eye on the quality. I actually just made a post inquiring about the kip from springfield to see if maybe it was a little more consistant. The kip from waterhouse is definitely pretty white, It darkens with time and use for sure...but I have never layed them out in the sun as some do. Edit: just to add, this has been my "go to" leather for almost a year and I've worked through dozens of sides
  5. Anyone have experience with the 2-3 oz veg tan kip from Springfield?
  6. I got my Bob Douglas awl blade last night. All I can say is wow. I can't believe I thought my awl blades were sharp enough before! Worth every penny. I also got their low cost thread snips; I highly recommend those as well-- especially for the price. I'm off to go see what else I can poke holes in with this thing.
  7. I use this tape for holding together while stitching: https://www.etsy.com/listing/175660167/tpe17-wash-away-wonder-tape-14-x-10-yds?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=wonder+tape&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery
  8. I agree with this, but that would cost you $40 plus shipping (roughly). I do love TCD though
  9. Chuck nailed it; this tape won't offer any additional structural support. I only use it for wallets
  10. All I can find is that there's no animal fat, no silicone, and no wax. Okay great, so what's in it? I ordered a 2 oz bottle to try it out, but even if it ends up being exactly what I'm looking for I'd still like to have SOME idea of what it is? Bickmore, I promise I won't steal your formula...how about a clue? I couldn't find a material safety data sheet or anything. One of the most annoying things about leather conidtioners... Thanks for any insight
  11. I use this: http://texascustomdies.com/Products/manual_12_ton_shop_press_clicker_large.jpg It's perfect for what I do, which is all small wallet parts from 2-3 oz leather. I would NOT want anything weaker than this 12 ton press, even for 2-3 oz. I also get my dies from them.
  12. I like the spi/thickness ratio. Don't be so hard on yourself, your stitching looks good. I'll soon be trying out a 6 spi/.8mm tiger thread combo once my JD no. 7 comes in. I think I remember you saying a while ago that you punch all the holes with the awl before stitching; do you still do that or have you switched to punching them in the pony/clam? Keep up the good work
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