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I was born and raised in New Jersey. After some time in Pennsylvania and Delaware, we moved to Virginia in 2008. I live with my husband Timothy and son Ethan in Radford, not far from Virginia Tech.

I learned leatherwork at the Pioneer Girls' Camp Cherith in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, in 1983. I really didn't do anything with it again until I graduated college in 1990. At that time, a friend was looking for a back sheath for a 2 handed sword. I told him I would do it. I went to the Tandy Leather in Allentown and found all the help I needed. Through several managers, two different store locations, and many projects later, I have kept trying to satisfy the "leather addiction".

I am formerly an officer and member of the IILG, and am one of the founding members of leatherworker.net I am grateful to Johanna and the others for keeping this thing going, and am truly amazed at how a little brainstorm has grown into the site it is today.

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