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  1. What are yalls feelings on this clicker press? Right now I'm making smaller items like wallets, tool pouches, and ammo holders for rifle butts and slings. The Tandy pro clicker press price is dropping from $799 to $599 this weekend and I have the military discount plus 10% this weekend. So I could potentially get this for around $250(not exactly sure how the discount will be implemented). How are your feelings at this price point vs other options. I really think this will help me be more productive and keep things uniform. Thanks, Mark
  2. Really awesome! The only suggestion I would give you is to start and stop your stitches with a round awl instead of diagonal stitch hole. It will make the threads disappear instead of leaving the rest of the diagonal hole.
  3. What SPI are you using with the .8 mm tiger thread?
  4. What do y'all use for clamping while glue is drying? I had to use my stitching pony and steal some chip clips from the pantry to keep my wallet edges together. I only had 2 chip clips and the bottom ended up popping loose.
  5. MarkCdub

    "Invisible" Seams ?

    I gotta be honest, I know where the seem is and I can barely see it! The scale pattern does a very good job of camouflaging the seem. Once its wrapped around your cane, I doubt anyone would see it.
  6. I am making a cover for a large paperback Bible. I am concerned that the binding is so thick and the cover so thin, that the leather will keep slipping off when open. Should I make the inner cover deep enough where it touched the inner binding when closed? Anything else I should consider? I'm planning on using 2-3 oz veg tanned leather.
  7. I'm looking for a nice brushed or shiney copper money clip to add to my wallets. The ones I like are very expensive on places like etsy, or cheap looking on Amazon. I want it to patina along with the wallet. Any ideas where I can find them at a reasonable price. I dont need them monogrammed, just thick and plain.
  8. Don't forget to show us the finished product when you figure it out!
  9. MarkCdub

    Leather valet tray design

    Similar to this.
  10. I'm starting a leather valet tray, I am planning on adding contrasting stitching along the border and am thinking about adding a western stitch design similar to what you see on the toes/sides of western boots on the tray bottom. Anyone have a good idea where I can find something similar (stitching designs) to draw inspiration from? Or any ideas really.
  11. Ball peen hammers are fairly cheap, buy one a save your friendship :-)
  12. Yes, I am using chisels. I jeed to order another set. I am using a stitching pony, but it was difficult to align with the clip attatched. I realized my lines were crooked too late and just wanted to complete it. This is my third project, and I know my stitching is a bit rough, I started going the wrong direction (against the chisel hole angle). Unfortunately I don't get alot of time to work so I haven't been able to build any muscle memory. Thank you for the critique and words of encouragement. My next project is a holster, gonna be a challenge.
  13. Really nice, that will outlast the knife.
  14. This should keep my notebook and pen from falling out of my pocket everytime I bend over at work. This project sat unfinished for a couple weeks, its really hard to find time to punch holes, when kids/wife are gone. Anyway, gimme any critiques y'all want.