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  1. Thank you. If possible I hope to keep the consew as well. The juki is too nice to let go of.
  2. Man that is nice. I'm happy with mine from Atlanta attachment but that price on the kwok hing is awesome. Do you sell any hem attachments? I have a consew 206rb I may try and set up for hemming heavy canvas.
  3. This is the binder. It's a 7/8 and is on a swing away bracket. I'm anxious to try it. Have been for the last two weeks or so since I got it. But I messed up and bought a lemon of a machine.
  4. I purchased a seiko cw8b as a binding machine for my bags. It has a repair quote for as much as I paid for it(never used it). So I think thats a big part in scaring me about a used machine. I wish I had just bought a new machine instead of that one. Although I would love to be able to get. used ones and have them repaired/tuned up for a reasonable cost.
  5. does anyone know if this is a better built machine than a new juki? I'm very skeptical about keeping an old machine running good. but some say the old ones are better made
  6. Oh very cool. I knew consew was a good brand. Now I guess to decide if it's better than my brand new juki 1541s? I can't keep both as I don't have room in my shop. Or possibly store it in case I can ever expand my shop for production type stuff.
  7. I just picked up this machine local from a guy for a pretty good price the other day. From what I can find it will handle very similar stuff to my juki 1541. My question is how goodof a machine is this and how reliable will it be. I swore I wouldn't buy used again after the fiasco I am having with a Seiko, but the deal was too good to pass up.
  8. The top had pre drilled holes that didn't fit my machine, and the top/edge banding wasn't great but it will function properly. So its worth a crap for the money. Im ok with it.
  9. I'll report back when it arrives and post pictures/videos for anyone interested. The main thing that sold me was that they said yes. We can make it work. And that's what I couldn't figure out before talking with them.
  10. Yes sir. I can't figure out how to order from them. Do you know? I'll pay to rush from China if I can order it. Thanks for for the help so far
  11. Ok I've searched as much as I could but can't find the answe so I gotta ask. I found this pfaff 335 binding attachment plate and then matching 90 degree binder. I need something quick to start a binding project. I know the the best route is an attachment company but I need to do this asap and then will wait on the attachment company. Does anyone see any reason this pfaff attachment plate wouldn't fit my seiko? i am ok with modifying it but thought this a better starting option that someone trying to make all from steel. There are many home made binders I've seen and thats all I'm trying to duplicate. No inside corners and will do it very slow and watch each stitch.
  12. On eBay. I bought it. Like $205 shipped. I'll let you know if it's worth a crap come about Wednesday when it arrives.
  13. I am about to buy a seiko cylinder bed machine and want one of those space saver pedestal tables but I cannot for he life of me find much online. This is all I can find. It's bigger than I want but may have to be what I end up with. I need the machine to hang off the end for bag making. There are three images below.
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