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  1. May be you should call them and ask them to send you the information. Usely it's come with the machine and they should have a costumer service....
  2. Beautifull ! If I was a jalous I would be. Good student & a good teacher ! Keep up the good work !
  3. I cleaned my fenders with the oxalic quite a few time and didn't work. Since I belive it's from the dye from my friend pants (english saddle pant), I guess it's can't be removed. So I decided to darken my saddle a bit with canola oil. It's came out better then I though but not as good as I was hoping for. Unless I dye it very dark I guess not much can be done. Thank for the info, hopefully the next stain will not be as bad... none, will be better Lesson learned : Stain from pant's dye and saddle, not a good mix !!!!! I may add picture later, so poeple can see the after, just right now it's not possible. Thanks & have a good day !
  4. Lol, we are not friend anymore but not for that raison. When you lend something you have to expecte that may not come back as it's was before. Thanks a lot !!!!
  5. Hi, I lend my saddle to a good friend of mine. When I took it back it's was very dirty and now the stain on the fender just don't wash away I did trow the saddle on the side of the bath & try to clean it with more soap and a brush, but the stain still there! I was wondering if I can find something stronger to clean my saddle that is not harfull to me or the saddle. If nothing do I guess I will have to dye my saddle.... But I do fear I will not see as well the tooling on it....
  6. Lucky me ! The magazine was on the top of the pill ! Big Sioux Saddlery résume well what I read in it. If you want the magazine with the instruction, they still sale it ( Leather crafters & saddlers, may-Jun '98) http://www.leathercraftersjournal.com/product.cfm?product=130 Have fun
  7. I just moved so everything is in a box. But I'm pretty sure I have a article about how to make them some where...in one of my magazine Leather crafters & saddlers journal. When I open my leather crafting boxs I will try to find it. Be patient plz.
  8. I hope you will enjoy it as much then I do ! And those spurs look really nice too ! Have fun Lithops
  9. It"s a very nice start ! I got a few patterns from a saddlery where I use to work, but most of them I did get them from Leather crafters and saddlers journal ( http://www.leathercraftersjournal.com/ ) and Tandy. They come often with explanation & pictures, so it's help a lot . In the journal they always have nice little to bigger project that can teach you something, even about saddlery or tacks. Have fun !!! Lithops
  10. When I was younger I saw horse tack with rusted cochos & I do worry about it because I don't want to see my "products" rusted the next years. I guess it's depand of the care you give to your tack. As for synthetic Crystal rivets/spots I had the one Tandy where selling or something like conchos.com sale. I try to find good quality conchos, synthetic spots and I'm not sure where to look since I'm new to this. Thanks for the information about the conchos, make me worry less
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