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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied.I tried to contact Solar Leather but couldn't get a answer.I will try to come up with something.I'll let you know how it turns out.Jack
  2. Sorry folks,it's a consew 225.That's what happens when I don't read my post.Jack
  3. I just bought a Consew 225.The machine works great.My problem is my legs don't work and I'm in a wheelchair.I need to set up some kind of hand control.I'm in the process of installing a servo motor.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Jack
  4. Thanks so much for the information guys.I knew if there was a way to change the machine,you guys would know how.For $50.00 bucks I didn't get hurt.I'll clean it up and learn how to get it working correctly.Thanks again,Jack
  5. Well folks I finally bought a sewing machine.Its a singer 45 K 76 ser#EG209728.Has a clutch motor.Needle bar moves,I can turn flywheel by hand and no problems.I paid $50.00 for it.It was to cheap to pass up.I looked it up on line,it said machine was a sack darner.Someone had put a wax pot on it at sometime.My main question is,can this machine be rigged up to see leather?If it can be,what would be the best servo motor to use and what other parts would need to be installed.Thanks,Jack
  6. I need to find a handgun for a s&w 38 special ctg with a 6" barrel of a handgun that can be used in it's place.Thanks for your help.Jack
  7. Thanks for the information Webicons.After 40 years as a diesel machanic feeler I have plenty of.Does yours split clean after putting new blade? Jack
  8. Thanks everyone for your input.I could not find anyone in Oklahoma that could sharpen the blade.I decided to try to sharpen the blade myself.The blade had a small nick in corner and looked like someone had used a file on it.I have DMT plates,x course.course,fine,x fine and hard ark stones.I figure if I messed it up I havn't lost much.So I sharpened the blade.It has taken a couple hours but,the edge is coming back nicely.About 95% of file marks are gone. I'll be putting the blade back in splitter this weekend.I'll let everyone know how it works out,Jack
  9. I need to get a american 6" splitter blade sharpened. Anyone recommend a good place? Anyone recommend some 0ne.Thanks Jack
  10. Rossr, I bought all of Pauls DVDs.One of the best things I spent money on.I highly recommend them.I am one of those people who have to watch someone do something a few times then screw it up a few times before I get.
  11. stiffbackjack

    all tools

    What books have you got? Thanks,Jack
  12. Has anyone bought and used K E Hockenberrys boot making books? Are they worth the money? I am wanting to make lace up work boots. Looking for a place to start. Thanks for any and all help,Jack
  13. Anyone know where I can buy a ruger 22/45 lite blue gun.I checked several different websites with no luck.Thanks for any and all help.Jack
  14. Thanks for the replys to my question about the machine.Think I'll keep saving my pennies and buy a new machine,that way I'll know what I'm getting.Thanks again,Jack
  15. Looking to buy 1st sewing machine.Found a singer 331K4 for $450.00.Will this machine sew 2-6oz veg tan.This is new ground for me so any and all help is needed.Also if anyone owns one of these machines what rating would you give it?Thanks,Jack
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