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  1. HI, yes have looked around locally and online. Usually they don't go this small or have two holes, not four or they are rough galvanised metal and not nickel. A manufacturer in China has told me they make them. Depending on how that goes, may just use leather squares as you have done.
  2. Hi, need about 10 for now, may need more in future. Do you make them already or do you have a link to any images? I have seen them used on leather goods made in China so I know sellers of cuffs in China are using them, I just need to find just the plates separately.
  3. Thanks again Tom. Looks like I might have to resort to using leather squares but still searching and asking in the suppliers thread of the forum. Spoke to several machinists and they tell me they don't have the tools to press out the middle ridge for the d ring. Will keep looking as I'm not in any rush...
  4. Trying to find supplier of D ring brackets with 4 rivet holes. Commonly used and seen on cuffs and collars etc although I'm finding it almost impossible to find loose and separately! Many thanks
  5. They look great! I'm hoping to do something similar, though I'm new to leatherwork so just trying to look for bits and pieces at the moment. In another thread, I was on the lookout for some nickel plates to mount the d rings rather than use pieces of leather. Having said that, I might have to try leather bits. The ones I have in the photos seem difficult to find or buy separately, but commonly seen and used on ones sold on the retail market. If anyone has seen any, do let me know!
  6. Thanks nastyleather and Tom for your replies. Tom, I do like the look and neatness of how you have done it in photo 2 though I'd imagine there would be a little bit of bulk on the back. I have got some photos of the type of D ring and plate I'm looking for. Is there a correct name for them? I have searched for D ring plate or bracket and some results are for marine use, called 'tie downs' and either galvanised and big. These are nickel and thin for riveting onto leather. I'm quite surprised that there aren't many identical items for purchase, wouldn't have thought they were that rare or bespoke.
  7. Hello all, new here and just getting started with leatherwork. I'm looking to start with making a cuff and want to ask about the different ways that D rings are mounted onto cuffs and also what bits of hardware are called. I've searched around the net and looked at pics but what I don't find easily is whether one way is better than another way, the pros and cons if any, so hoping members here can offer any advice and opinions from their own experiences. What I have seen so far are 1) an eyeplate / staple riveted onto a cuff. 2) a D ring mounted under a small piece of leather strap and riveted onto cuff, and 3) a D ring mounted under a nickel plate and riveted. Are there any pros and cons to the different ways, or are they simply cosmetic? I know that in option 1, they are called eyeplates or staples and seem to be categorized as a 'marine' accessory, but what are the plates called in option 3 that allows holds the D ring in place but allows it to sit flat? I've seen them on collars and cuffs, but only just starting to find the proper names to bits of hardware and accessories so wanting to get up to speed so I can at least use the correct terminology when searching for things! Thanks in advance!
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