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  1. Joanne I PM you couple days ago and have not hear anything yet so I thought I would post. Please add me as well. Thank you
  2. Just finished reading all the information that "Wizcrafts" posted on sewing machines. Very informative THANK YOU. But I am still new to this sewing things. All my leather has been hand sewn. Now I am looking to start making more things and don't want to hand sew anymore. But after reading all that information, there is still so many machines out there that I am not sure what I really need. I will be making alot of different things out of mostly 8/9 oz leather doubled over for added thickness. But I also want to make some leather and fabric corsets and I would like a machine that can do all of that. Any suggetions would be great. Not looking to mass produce this will all be custom order only. And thanks again wizcrafts for the wonderful write up.
  3. Thanks so much everyone. I tried the alcohol and wax paper. The problem was the grip frame was thicker then normal 1911's due to being a double stack and the holster was preformed to a 1911. I rubbed down the inside and then wrapped the gun in wax papers. OH MY. This was perfect. Perfect draw and feel. Thanks all.
  4. Okay quick question. I have a Kimber Pro BP 10 II. It is a 4" model. I am looking for a holster for it. I found a holster that fits the Kimber Pro carry 4". The difference between the BP and Pro carry is the BP is a double stack and the grip frame is wider then the single stack frames. Can I rewet the holster and remold it to fit the very slightly larger double stack frame. Thanks Michael
  5. I saw you post about creating a pattern for a holster. Just getting into this this myself and I have a lot of questions about creating the patterns. Do you have pictures of some of your patterns so I can see how you developed them? I have a Glock 21 & Ruger SR9 that I want to make holsters for and would really like some insight.Eddie at jetman1981@comcast.net

  6. Thank you so very much everyone. I was thinking on doing at least half up front, to cover cost of matirals. But thanks for all the help.
  7. I am starting my own custom leather working buisness "Raven Leather Worx". If there is any advise that anyone would like to share on how to make this process easier or some tips and tricks please chime in. Any advice would be greatful. I am only going to do it for custom work ex. holsters, wallets, saddle bags... Things that I can do in my free time. Not looking to make a career out of it at this point. I have two wonderful jobs as it is, Emergancy dispatcher and work in a gun store. So it is just a one project a week kind of thing. But I am wanting to buy wholesale and be able to mark my work down but still make a profit to be able to build up my inventory. And maybe get a sewing machine later on. Thanks to all who have helped me so far. I am so glad I found this forum. Michael
  8. Thank you so much. Now I get it. You guys have been great. Thanks for everything. I just bought a New Sig Sauer P238 today and I am wanting to make a holster for it. Then if it turns out I want to do one with a cobra skin inlay.
  9. Thank you so very much Dave for all your help. I will check it out.
  10. Okay, Let me see if I have this now. I am using file folders as my pattern matieral. If I lay the pistol on it's sights on the center line of the folder then roll it to one side and trace the gun. Then I offset the trigger guard and dust cover 3/4" for my stitch line. Then from there I offset the top of the slide 3/4"? I trace both sides of the gun on my file folder. I roll it to the right and trace then I roll to the left and trace the out line. I know I am doubling up on the work when all I have to do is trace one side and then cut out the pattern like doing snow flakes on paper as a kid. When I open my pattern I have a mirror image on both sides, and have about 1/2 to 3/4 of and inch in the middle of the pattern. I will try and upload some pictures of a pattern I have done and see if this is what we are talking about. Thanks again for everyones help.
  11. I have never used Snake skin before, but I am wanting to do a holster with a snake skin inlay. Do I just glue the piece of snake to the cow and then sew my leather piece over the snake for my inlay?
  12. Now I feel stupid. Just read that you are the one from Springfield Leather. DUH! Thanks again kevin. I was the one that called you the other day about needing to bevel my belt keepers on holster and ordered some stuff from you guys. Next time im in town I will stop by and say hi. I am from Springfield and come up offen. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you so much Kevin, Noticed that you was out of springfield. Are you the same Kevin that works at Springfield Leather? And thanks again for everything I will try the 3/4" thing. I may just add 3/4" to the center of my pattern then leave my stich lines where they are now. That should give me the 3/4" you suggested.
  14. Okay I have looked through just about every topic and can not find what I am looking for. I have the Al Stoman book on holster making but I have left it some where that I can not find right now. I am trying to make a holster for a Double Stack Kimber 45 Composite frame. I took the gun and placed it on its sights then I rolled it over on to its side and traced around the pistol. I used a file folder and then cut out the patteren so I would have the two sides. When I designed my pattern I did 1/4" stich lines around the trigger gurad and frame. I am doing a simple wrap around design. But After kind of testing the waters so to speak I feel like this is going to be to small for the gun to fit. I there something I am missing? Should I have added some to the middle of the pattern for thickness of gun? I thought when I rolled the gun on to it's sides that gave me the thickness. I can't remember what steps I need to take or add any to the patteren size. This is the 2nd holster I have tried to make. Not so good with the first one.
  15. Tandy Pro Dye. Dk blue. Sprayed it through a Airbrush (Iwata) at about 25 psi. Not sure if this helps any. But can't figure out why the front is showing this and the back bearly is. Not sure.
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