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    Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
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    Horses, Horse Racing (Thoroughbred and Trotters), Art, Gardening, Camping, Exploring, Local History and, of course, Leatherwork.

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    Beginner-mostly smaller stuff but I would like to build my own saddle one day (take one of those courses where you come away with your own)
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    Whatever looks interesting!!!!

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About Me

I have wanted to be an artist since I was three years old and I would place my grandmother's cat on a stool and draw her (I have heard this story many times). I took all the lessons I could and sold my first drawing in high school. I mostly work in watercolour and pastel, and enjoy creating pictures of horses, western landscapes, cowboying and rodeo. I got bitten by the leatherworking bug by walking into a Tandy's while killing time. I bought a beginner kit and made the most atrocious belt. Fortunately I have improved mightily, and and caused my brother to enjoy creating tool holders. I live in small town (3000 souls) in southwestern Alberta, with my three indoor (I'm a block from the highway and I don't relish fur lined tires!!!) cats, a beautiful Sheltie, a very loud Moluccan cockatoo, the aforementioned brother and my two lovely Standardbreds are a five minute drive away. I can see the Rocky Mountains out of my kitchen window-snow capped year round........

 I need to learn to carve leather better; sometimes the arthritis gets in the way of that ambition. I like bling on my art-Swarovski crystals being my favourite decoration. I purchased some silver clay to try some original pieces. I would also like to make a matte for an original artwork, and have it framed with it. My art has been in the Calgary Stampede Art Auction, Spruce Meadows, Charlie Russel Art Show and many other venues. I plan on obtaining a sewing machine  in the near future as well.

I'm excited to try different projects in leather and art. I am happy to find a group of like minded artists from every walks of life to converse with, get inspired by and learn from! Thank you for reading my biography from start to finish. Here's hoping to finding new friends and mentors!

Cheers to all,


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