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  1. ? At present, there is zero/no tension on the bobbin thread. The bobbin thread is the bottom/underneath thread that is in the bullet shaped bobbin case. To make a stitch, one needs a balanced tension on the upper thread and the lower thread. Tension on only the upper thread or only the lower thread will not make a good stitch. The upper cop of thread is fine.
  2. Thank you Jimi, I just removed the bobbin cover and tried to bend out the flanges, but I didn't bend it far enough. There was a slight bend in one flange that might indicate that someone bent them inward. I'll have to be careful since I don't want to damage the part. I might try a literal stopgap method like putting some removable filler in the gap so the thread stays in the central hole as it should. I'm out of time to try that today though. On domestic sewing machines, the screw at the top of the bobbin cover controls the tension of the bobbin thread. The tighter the screw, the more tension is on the bobbin thread. I don't as yet see how the bobbin thread tension is controlled on this machine. Thank you so much Jimi! ?
  3. Thank you for the wonderful summary Wizcrafts! Here is a link to a video I just made of the upper thread getting caught in the bobbin area. I hope the problem is just something stupid I did, like not pulling the bobbin thread tight while attempting the first stitch. I have 4 other short videos I am uploading of the preparations for this video #1. My apologies, I'm recording the video while I'm trying to stitch, and its my first youtube video. The upper thread is making a loop and the bobbin is casting off, but the upper is getting stuck in the bobbin and breaking, and then jamming the thread and machine.
  4. Thank you all, I'll reply in order: Ryano: How cool! my boyfriend is from Ohio and Ryan is not an unknown name to me! Frobanas and Gritzners aren't made anymore, I think. Landis Co. still exists in Canada. That takes care of availability. Landis machines are ~800 pounds, the Frobana is ~60. Frobana is a benchtop, manually operated, shoe repair machine or at least was invented to repair shoes if the internet stuff I read is correct. If you are still interested in making boots, the Landis would be better. The Frobana would work best on light shoes or shoe repair, I think, although I'm not an expert and you'll get more and better advice on this website. Constabulary: I did wrap the thread 1.5 times, I should not have posted the old photo. I'll make a video and post it as that advice is golden. Jimi: Thank you for that gem of a video. Now, for the bobbin. Troubleshooting bobbin problems is the bane of my existance, but if I can get this solved I think the Frobana will stitch down. Otherwise, it's just cast iron for my collection.
  5. I hope this photos doesn't clutter the thread here, but I added it so readers can see the configuration of this Frobana. I think the serial number isn't visible in this photo. I'm sorry for the late posting, I'm using a shared computer and it isn't always available. It also isn't threaded up in this old photo.
  6. Thank you Constabulary, it picked up the bobbin thread nicely with the needle in preparation for stitching for the first time! Then on the first stitch the bobbin thread hung up and isn't slipping over the bobbin now. Have you seen this problem before, please can you tell me what I should do to fix this? It is so very close to stitching down. I should add that I previously removed and sharpened the needle as the the machine arrived with the tip broken off.
  7. Thank you SO much, how exactly and what is to be welded and / or made on a lathe?? More details would be very nice. This thread you started has been very helpful, but my Frobana is much older and the configuration of my machine is different. I believe the part you had to fix was the tension on the spool of thread, but I am concerned about the section further towards the head.
  8. I hope it's okay to post here. I need help please, in threading the upper thread. Its not like the double disc sandwich on my other sewing machines, and also i dont see a tension control spring or any other tension other than that on the thread spool itself. Its an old Frobana, serial number 5925.
  9. Thank you very much for your suggestion machinehead, I'm sorry for this late response to your post, but I've unexpectedly had very limited computer access since June 30th. I'll take a closer look at that pulley to see how I can adjust it outward. The 77 will run, but I have to floor the pedal. Shoe Systems Plus has a free manual for the 77 online, which has been very helpful. I ordered a part for a different machine, and some Sellari's 85 thread lube from them which should arrive next week. I'll continue to post to this thread just in case someone else had a similar question. Thank you again for your help. Sharon
  10. Thank you very much Glenn for your kind reply. Harris is an excellent source for shoe machine parts and supplies, he doesn't do repairs though. Shoe Systems Plus and Gateway are out of my price range, and I need to learn to do non-major repairs myself. I'll try to do follow up posts for others who may be in similar situations. Shoe Systems Plus has a great reputation locally, and there is also Landis corporation in Canada too. Sharon
  11. I am the new operator of the machine, and when I step on the 'accelerator' nothing happens, although it turns by hand and stitches down. The previous operator started it by turning one of the wheels on the top of the machine, but I'd rather not do that. I noticed some problems with two belts. I also noticed that one large spring doesn't seem to move, and looks crushed from pressure. part # 77-s-336 , the clutch pulley round belt is loose and isn't engaging when the motor is turned on. It looks like I would have to remove a lot of parts to replace it with one like the round belt that is on the machine now. Are there any alternatives to doing that? Would a round, stapled belt be okay? Is there a wheel tensioner somewhere that would position the wheel further out so I don't have to replace the belt? part # 77-s-337 , the motor belt has been replaced with a leather stapled belt that is much narrower that the rollers, but it seems to work. Should I try to replace it too? Can anyone help me identify the crushed spring and its function? I can't identify it from the only downloaded catalog of parts that I have. I have attached a photo of it and its location. Thank you, Sharon
  12. I just bought an American Model A splitter, how do I adjust the rollers for thickness? I loosened the wing nut on the gauge at the top of the machine and also loosened the screw underneath it, but I still can't move the gauge to the left or right. It seems to be stuck at 12, yet the space between the rollers looks very narrow. I know the blade platform is broken, but am hoping the machine is still usable.
  13. I have bobbin area timing problems with my 31-15. On the Singer 31-15 parts page: 22305 - 1/3, are parts 1266AL set screws? If so, mine are headless and have been turned into pins. Loosening the set screw at the other end of the rod: 453AL, didn't seem to free up anything. I think I need to move the bobbin away from the needle, so adjusting only the needle bar might not fix the timing issue. I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area or if I should have started a new topic thread. Thank you in advance, SharonK
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