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  1. alexitbe

    Claes shoe patcher

    open with paint software (all Windows computers have that) and reduce size to 25% and save. Your photos should then be small enough... Alex
  2. alexitbe

    Claes shoe patcher

    Glenn and Constabulary helped me out too... They are good guys and very knowledge... Don't forget to share your knowledge too, whatever it may be... Cheers Alex PS you have one of the best patchers out there!
  3. alexitbe

    Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    yes, I am not sure if it a dumb idea either... Guess we will see...
  4. alexitbe

    Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    I have been thinking... I have several possible solutions at the moment, but I think I have a quick and dirty one that might work...temporarily Step 1: I will leave the shaft in the sewing machine and drill a hole through the length of the small broken off part. ( I will find someone with a lathe). Step 2 This part will then be glued with JB Weld to the main part of the shaft and will act as a drilling guide to allow me to drill 15mm in to the main shaft, by hand or with a drill press. Step 3: Thread(left hand) the hole and then ream out the hole so that the only threaded place is in the main shaft. Step 4: Use a reverse thread hex head screw to fix the two pieces firmly together...I might have to re-glue the two pieces since it will have been exposed to high temperature during the hand drilling Might work... Just depends if the shaft is terribly hard... Cheers alex
  5. Thanks for the recommendation... I am going to look for one in Europe... I would ship from the US, but customs tarrif is quite high here, in germany... Cheers Alex
  6. alexitbe

    From Russia with love

    Hello Igor, Merry Christmas for tomorrow... Thank you for showing such fine workmanship... Alex
  7. Great work Jimi, I liked all the pictures, as they really do speak a thousand words... I am impressed with your determination and speed.. .I am a little embarrassed having done nothing with my Pfaff 193... I have taken your advice and a Pfaff 194 will be working its way to me sometime in the new year... Happy New Year... Alex
  8. Hi Jimi... Yes, please post them here... I would like to see also.. Alex
  9. alexitbe

    Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    Thanks for that Constab. At the moment, I am having a think about what to do... Hopefully after Christmas, after stuffing my face with beer and Kloeser, I will have a clearer idea of how to proceed. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Alex
  10. alexitbe

    Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    Thanks Constab and Jimi for the information... It was really my fault, the old man didn't really want to post, but I convinced him it would be ok. So I must take the hit... Lesson learned. The machine was from an old Salamander shoe factory, so maybe they filled in the wheel... The machine hasn't been used for a very long time and the old man said he was glad it would be used for shoemaking again. I guess he used to work in the factory. Will I need to strip the sewing machine completely? This is my biggest fear. Cheers Alex
  11. Well, I have been trying to get a post bed roll foot for shoemaking for ages and just before Christmas I found one. Instead of the 9hr journey each way, I convinced the guy to send it buy post... It arrived just in time for Christmas and its broken... Seriously broken. The arm drive shaft has been broken right at the balance wheel. So I have two question one about disassmbling and the other about fixing the shaft. Is it possible to loosen everything attached to the arm shaft and slide it out or will I have to disassemble the whole machine? I don't think I can do the latter.. Should I replace the shaft or would it be possible to bronze braze it? I have an old pfaff 142 and wondered if the arm shaft might fit... I cannot find anyone selling spare parts for the 193 despite thinking it was still in production... Its really put a dampner on my Christmas, I know it shouldn't but I thought I finally had the last important piece for my shoemaking hobby... and now I am back to fixing instead of shoemaking.. Any advice and word of hope would be greatfully recieved.. Have a good Christmas. Alex
  12. alexitbe

    Consew 206RB-1 crashed. Need service manual

    Gregg, Thank you for those. Alex
  13. alexitbe

    Rose Round knife! New! (To me!)

    Thanks Bruce.. .That's an interesting post, although I will never try it..... sinceI'm still too scared to sharpen my round knife...
  14. alexitbe

    Rose Round knife! New! (To me!)

    Nice to see an old tool brought back to life and used... Alex
  15. What is the going price of a Singer 236G? Since my new hobby is Shoemaking I am really interested in this thread.. ALex